Inspire the Crowd for Social Good

by Your Mark On The World

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Ultimate Goal: $5,000
$3,320 pledged of $5,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

This campaign will fund the publication and promotion of a book, Crowdfunding for Social Good.

Just as throwing a rock into a pond will create ripples in all directions, your support for this campaign will have impact in places you can’t even imagine.

Book Cover: Crowdfunding for Social Good

Not only will you help to celebrate the success of the ten social causes profiled in my new book, Crowdfunding for Social Good: Financing Your Mark on the World, you will be helping every future social entrepreneur who reads the book raise the money they need to make the change they want to see in the world.

Vivienne Harr

Like Eight-year-old Vivienne Harr who decided she would make it her life’s work to end child slavery. Crowdfunding has helped her raise almost half-a-million dollars to do it.

Sam's Birthmark

As another example, Martha Griffen wanted to help her son, born with a birthmark on his face, to learn to celebrate what makes him different, so she wrote a book called Sam’s Birthmark and crowdfunded over $31,000 to publish it.

SMAC! Monkeys

Jennifer Windrum wants to provide support to those who suffer from cancer, creating her Sock Monkeys Against Cancer—SMAC! Monkeys—financing her vision with $35,000 she raised through crowdfunding.

Other successful crowdfunders profiled in the book include Live More Awesome, Do Good Bus, TOHL, Kaden Benoit, Rainbow Summits, Silicon Valley Education Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity.

My book began to take shape while writing my Forbes blog where I started covering crowdfunding a year ago. My first exposure to crowdfunding came when I wrote the book Your Mark on the World and included a chapter about Alex Budak, founder of StartSomeGood. I wrote that book while teaching in China. Previously in my career, I served as a corporate CFO and as an investment banker. Since leaving corporate finance I work full time at championing social good.

By supporting my campaign you’ll help me to finance the publication and promotion of my book so that I can help the helpers. Whether you contribute four dollars or four hundred, I’ll provide you with rewards and recognition that will bring attention to you, your cause, your business or your brand.

While it won’t take much money to publish my book, it takes real money to promote the book effectively enough that it gets into the hands of those who will benefit from it the most. Please help by supporting my campaign with at least $4, personally ask one friend to do the same and please help me spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and on every other social media platform.

The rock you throw in this pond, no matter how small, will make ripples that infinitely expand your generosity. You will make a difference.


Tipping Point Goal: $1,750

Total Funding Goal: $5,000

Publishing a book requires relatively little money. I need to pay an editor to edit the manuscript, a designer to create the cover, another designer to prepare the the text both for digital publishing and for print (separate fees) and then pay fees to distribute the book. The total of these costs will be about $1,000.

In order to be able to promote the book, much more money is required. Having another $750 (for a total of $1,750) provides the minimum amount required to do some modest web-based promotion.

Additional funds will be used to help cover travel and other prootional expenses to get the word out. Ultimately, if the campaign is successful in raising $5,000, it will allow me to sell the digital version of the book for only $0.99 so that I can maximize the number of people who can afford to read it and benefit from it.