Let's build a school in Tanzania

by YOUAID Solidarity Network

$10,187 pledged of $15,000 goal
Tipping Point: $9,261
Ultimate Goal: $15,000
$10,187 pledged of $15,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Help YouAid launch a fundraising campaign to help people of Lumuli - southern region of Iringa - to build a new school for their children.

Video Updates

#3 (January 19, 2013): http://youtu.be/6g-x7sPFCd8

#2 (January 14, 2013) http://youtu.be/KP2COwv6k7o 


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Lumuli is a village located 10 km away from Ulete (Tanzania) and it has a population of 7000 inhabitants.

It has been a long time since the inhabitants of Lumuli desired to build a kindergarten for their own children, but despite their good will, they still do not have the means needed to buy the building materials. Currently the villagers use a room in a small shack as a school to temporarily host their children, but the size of the hut is not adequate and they don't have any studying materials.

In November 2011 we got acquainted with Simba, the village's chief. Once he became aware of the school we built in Ulete, he has never stopped dreaming of repeating that "miracle". From that moment onwards, a collaboration began. The villagers have already prepared 10.000 bricks and they will work for free in the process of building the new school for their kids. YouAid will commit itself to buying the most expansive building materials like cement, beams, sheet as well as all the technical support needed.

In December 2011, after the conceptual design of the structure, the construction work started by digging the foundations. In a few days the digging ended and now they already started to move down the stones for the construction. Since the digging of the foundations we got stuck with the building works and we're planning to move forward with the funding raised from this campaign.

Once the school is ready, it will be able to host 150 children. The cost for the entire project is very low, due to the cooperation with the inhabitants. We are planning to raise the amount needed for February 2013 and start the works as soon as possible.

Will you please donate?

In addition to making a donation, you could also take this opportunity to make a gift to someone special. As we all know, this will be just a symbolic gift, but it will still have a great value, especially if that special person will understand that he has helped us to create something great. We will thank him with proper acknowledgments depending on the amount given. You can send us his/her name and we will arrange a proper reward when we reach our tipping point. 

Tipping Point Goal: $9,261

Total Funding Goal: $15,000

We chose our tipping point considering the amount needed to complete the main part of the school.

This area of the school will be mainly used by the children of Lumuli to play, study, and have lunch.

$9261 is the minimun target we set ourselves for this campaign.  And once we will reach our tipping point, the building works will start immediately. Here is our budget.

Initially, we will have traditional kitchen and bathrooms, which will meet the standards set by the World Health Organization. By keeping traditional kitchens and bathrooms initially, our children will be able to start as soon as the main part of the school will be built, enjoying a clean and comfortable environment.

As soon as we pass our tipping point, we will start building a brand new kitchen as well as bathrooms. As it is shown in the economic budget it won’t be necessary to buy the bricks because the inhabitants from Lumuli will cook all of them. Furniture, school desks and chairs will be funded later, when all the building works will be finished and our solidarity network will organize fundraising events to raise the amount needed. Furthermore, we will handle the teacher training for a group of youngsters living in the village, allowing them to become our future skilled teachers.

Our Budget

We prepared a detailed budget of our campaign and we made it available on this link :