The Writing for Healing Project

by Write Through It

$5,610 pledged of $17,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $17,000
Ultimate Goal: $23,000
$5,610 pledged of $17,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

An expressive writing project for cancer survivors and caregivers that can be implemented anywhere in the recovery process.

From the moment of diagnosis, survivors and caregivers have an ocean to navigate! It's a sea of terms, procedures and countless demands. In search of wellness in the body, there is little time for recovery of the mind and spirit.

Expressive writing or "journal" writing is a powerful tool for healing the psyche. Using facilitated and/or structured writing exercises, thoughts and feelings are explored in order to sort, identify, and attempt to process the changes in their life.  

Expressive writing as a tool, is an easily included but underutilized part of an integrated treatment approach.This project will partner with local San Francisco Bay Area treatment facilities, to build an expressive writing program. The project will provide opportunities for cancer survivors and caregivers to utilize a variety of journaling techniques that are appropriate in infusion and waiting rooms, as well as enhanced opportunities in facilitated writing groups. Writing opportunities will guide participants through exploration of thoughts and feelings, encourage self care, and provide coping strategies throughout all phases of recovery. 

The book, Write Through It, will chronicle the development of this expressive writing program. It will allow readers to replicate a similar program from-- waiting rooms to infusion rooms, individually and in groups, using the participants' original works.  

Write Through It, as an ebook, will be offered to any cancer program or clinic, free of charge. Participants, donors or any interested party may contact the campaign for inclusion into the distribution data base.

Tipping Point Goal: $17,000

Total Funding Goal: $23,000

If I reached my tipping point, I would be able to provide at least 200 hours of time with particpants in 100 mile radius of the SF Bay Area. These hours would include times with individuals and in groups using journaling techniques.This would also fund supplies, workbooks, copying, administration time, and meetings with partnering programs. in addition, i could publish a limited number of hard copy books , an ebook, and a small launch party would also be accomplished . 


Meeting the goal would allow for over 350 hours of time with participants and expand availability of partnering programs otside of the 100 mile radius. It would allow more availability in venues for groups, as well, as space could be rented to allow for more choices of times. Light refreshments would also be included and a larger Launch party could be incorporated.