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$4,830 pledged of $75,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $75,000
Ultimate Goal: $200,000
$4,830 pledged of $75,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

It is our vision to provide emission free energy to the world. With our innovative new design, anyone can experience the power of WINDe right at their location.

Wind·e20 is a revolutionary vertical axis wind turbine with an innovative, socially-conscious business model.

We're all starting to notice the damage that’s happening to our environment. What kind of planet are we leaving to our future generation?

Wind•e20 is a 65 kW vertical axis wind turbine. At 105 feet tall, Wind•e is a beautiful addition to any horizon. Wind·e is not meant for wind farms but for individual schools, public office buildings, small businesses, and water treatment facilities.

Technologically Innovative:

We’ve developed a sleek design that is pleasing to the eye and safe for birds. WIND·e20 is made out of state-of-the-art composite materials and uses electronically controlled trim flaps. Electronic components are at ground level for easy access maintenance. Wind•e even has remote controlled blades that fold themselves up in dangerous, high-wind, situations. It can power a school or business without the pulsating sound emitted by other turbines.

Installation and Delivery:
Wind·e can be installed, maintained and removed without a single crane. The turbine can be easily delivered on the back of a standard flatbed semi-truck. It's base can be dug with a common backhoe and it even has footings that are installed without pouring any concrete. Wind•e self erects, and a small crew can install it in days.

Socially Innovative:
Our goal is to provide these turbines to the entire nation at absolutely no cost to anyone. We’ll pay for the turbine, and all the consumer pays for is the electricity. The Wind·e turbine is so efficient, we can save money for the consumer on their utility bills, while we save enough money to pay for the next turbine, and the next, and the next. We want to see a Wind·e turbine powering every school in America. If the local school can save money on their utility bill, they can re-invest that money into furthering our children's education.

Green tags are commodities that represent the environmental attributes and benefits associated with electricity generated from a renewable energy source. With our Project EverGREEN Schools program, we are taking the sale of those tags and giving them back as scholarships for students. One Wind•e turbine could generate up to $125,000 in scholarships over the life of it's installation. Also, we educate students about energy conservation and clean energy. We do this through school presentations and our “Wind•e” cartoon series. We want to inspire them to be the next generation of energy innovators.

A single Wind•e20 turbine generating 100,000 kWh annually provides a pollution displacement of 126,772 pounds of Carbon Dioxide (“CO2”), 687 pounds of Sulfur Dioxide (“SO2”), and 421 pounds of Nitrogen Oxides. The annual environmental impact is equivalent to removing eight automobiles from the road or planting 17 acres of trees.

Tipping Point Goal: $75,000

Total Funding Goal: $200,000

If we reach our tipping point goal of $75,000 we will be able to start manufacturing on our first Wind•e20 turbine.

If we reach our total funding goal of $200,000 we are able to completely manufacture and install our first Wind•e20 turbine and start the momentum of distributing Wind•e nation-wide.

If we happen to be lucky enough to get higher than our total funding goal, we’d be able to provide Wind•e to everyone at a faster pace, and on a much bigger scale.

Wind•e's Future: Down the road, our vision for Wind•e20 is that of global impact. Imagine air-dropping Wind•e into remote areas to power facilities that previously would not have been possible or powering water treatment facilities to provide clean drinking water overseas. The wind blows around the globe and ties us all together. With Wind•e, we can harness that power to impact lives and the environment.

Thank you for your time. We hope you'll support us so that together, we can save the world and invest in the future generation!

If you still have questions, or are curious about the specifics of our Wind•e turbine, please visit our FAQs!