Help Build a Kindergarten in Chermaitre, Haiti

by Vassar Haiti Project

$3,110 pledged of $8,000 goal
Tipping Point: $2,500
Ultimate Goal: $8,000
$3,110 pledged of $8,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Support education in the rural village of Chermaitre, Haiti by helping to give students back a safe kindergarten space.

In Haitian Creole, tipa tipa means "little by little." We believe that little by little, starting from the ground up, we can make a real difference in the lives of the children of Chermaitre.

In 2008, the Vassar Haiti Project successfully built a school for 250 elementary school students in the rural village of Chermaitre, Haiti. However, kindergarten classes still had to be held in the neighboring church. The church is a basic stone and wood structure that has fallen into major dilapidation over the years. In March 2012, the school was hit by a severe storm that caused one of the church walls and parts of the roof to cave in, leaving the kindergarten students without a safe classroom. Insufficient shelter means putting a halt to their education; thus, the need for reconstruction is urgent.

UPDATE: In November 2012, a tornado of heavy winds and rains hit Chermaitre and the old kindergarten/church building completely collapsed. Kindergarten classes will continue either in the elementary school building during its 'off-hours,' or even in community members' own homes if need be. The need to raise funds is now more critical than ever. We thank you all dearly for your continued support and kind thoughts.

Old kindergarten/church building after November 2012 tornado

Old kindergarten/church after November 2012 storm 2

'We hope you will support us in building a new kindergarten classroom, whether your donation funds a hundred cinder blocks or just a handful. Tipa tipa, we can give sixty children back their learning space. Tipa tipa, we can make this project happen.

Important note!
If you are donating in the name of someone special, please email us ( with their contact info and we will be sure to let them know about the donation (and that they have a friend as thoughtful as you!). Please also specify if you want your rewards to be sent to that person as well.

Tipping Point Goal: $2,500

Total Funding Goal: $8,000

$2,500 covers the most essential materials that can get us started building the foundation of the structure: all the cinder blocks and iron bars, plus an initial supply of cement.

$8,000 covers the building materials for the first phase of construction, including cinder blocks, iron bars, cement, mortar, and nails. 

If we were to raise even more, here's how we'd use additional funds: towards more building materials (including metal sheets, wood planks, granite rocks, gravel, doors), as well as transportation and labor.

Building Materials


350 cinder blocks

14,000 gds

290 iron bars

88,000 gds

400 bags cement

180,000 gds


40,000 gds


19,000 gds

Subtotal in HTG

341,000 gds

Subtotal in USD