Send the SOCCKET soccer ball generator to Brazil

by Uncharted Play

$75 pledged of $2,960 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $2,960
Ultimate Goal: $10,150
$75 pledged of $2,960 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

The SOCCKET is a soccer ball that generates electricity and provides families in need around the world with a clean, sustainable source of energy!

Project Summary

We want to bring the SOCCKET invention to disadvantaged youth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

In partnership with the Brazilian NGO Promundo, we will distribute the SOCCKETs in favelas (slums) and implement play-based educational programs focused on sustainability and empowerment.  

We will use our findings from Rio as a guide as we develop more SOCCKET education programs around the world.

girl with soccket in shindewadi slum, mumbai, india



There is a global energy crisis: more than one in five people worldwide have no access to electricity. For households in developing communities, there is a huge need for clean, safe, sustainable power solutions.

To address this issue of "energy poverty", Harvard classmates Julia Silverman and Jessica O. Matthews invented the SOCCKET, a mini-generator in the form of a soccer ball!

During play with the SOCCKET, an internal mechanism captures energy from the movement of the ball and stores it for later use to power critical accessories like a reading lamp, water purifier, or cell phone charger.

Rather than starting from the negativity of the energy problem, our programming builds upon the positivity and happiness that play brings to our lives.  With the SOCCKET, a soccer game is no longer just a source of joy - it's also a source of energy and inspiration! 

Why Brazil?

1) A population in need - Rio has a population of over 10 million. Nearly 1/3 of these live in slums known as favelas, which are plagued by over-crowding, unsanitary conditions, crime, and pollution.

2) Rio+20 - This summer marks the 20th anniversary of the UN Conference on Environment and Development, and diplomats will be on hand to further the eco-dialog.

3) Brasil gosta de futebol (Brazil loves soccer!) - Where better to share the SOCCKET than the country of Pelé, the 2014 World Cup, and the 2016 Olympic Games?

boys studying with the soccket in guadalajara, mexico

Tipping Point Goal: $2,960

Total Funding Goal: $10,150

All funds raised through StartSomeGood will go toward the production of SOCCKET balls, development of teaching materials, and program implementation for the Brazil initiative. We are coordinating with our on-the-ground partner Promundo to include community members as much as possible.

Our project tipping point is $2,960. This can cover:

   - 20 SOCCKET balls

   - Compensation for 1 local Brazilian programming staffer (a local community member)

   - Interviewer training and questionnaire materials

Our broader project cost is $10,150. This can cover: 

   - 20 SOCCKET balls

   - Transport & food for local children participating in the pilot

   - Compensation for 3 local Brazilian staff (community members)

   - Interviewer training and questionnaire materials

   - Compensation for local interviewers

   - Database entry of interviewee responses