Promote LGBT and Stop The Hate

by TAU Foundation:Tolerance-Acceptance-Understanding

$160 pledged of $2,500 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $2,500
Ultimate Goal: $5,000
$160 pledged of $2,500 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Promoting the LGBT community through advertising, marketing and education.


The Foundation for Tolerance, Acceptance & Understanding is a new organization still in the formation stage.  Our goal is to challenge the prejudices many people have about the LGBT community - we will do this through an innovative and original advertising and marketing campaign, including television, social media, and other high-profile media venues.

We will also partner with for-profit organizations to provide continuous funding for special projects like anti-bullying, and capital campaigns supporting forward-thinking school and institutions that provide safe havens for LGBT students, such as the Alliance School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which describes itself as "a safe place for students regardless of sexuality, identity, appearance, ability or beliefs."

This campaign is the first of many, and will help the Foundation get things started!   


The founders and directors of the organization have extensive backrounds in the areas of business operations, management consulting, taxation, advertising, marketing, public speaking, law and finance.  We have advised and created nonprofit organizations in the past for others, operating in such areas as diabetes research, endangered species, children's education, and help to the needy and homeless, to name a few.  

After advising others for so long, we have decided to use our expertise in this area that we feel strongly about, and believe we can make a difference.


It seems to us that not a day goes by that we don't see another senseless act of violence or prejudice against an individual or group, committed in the name of someone's "belief."  While we encourage people to respect others' beliefs, we envision a world in which people are tolerant, accepting and understanding of others, despite their differences.

We want to promote a society in which people are not beaten, killed or driven to suicide because of bullying and harassment, and until that society exists, we want to create safe havens for those that are in danger of being treated this way. 

The tau symbol has many meanings - we chose it as our symbol and acronym because it represents peace, life, hope and unity.  We think it is a fitting symbol for our vision.

Tipping Point Goal: $2,500

Total Funding Goal: $5,000

The funds raised in this initial campaing will go towards start-up costs for the Foundation, marketing products, and booth rental and prodution costs at as many Pride events as we can afford to do this summer - our main goal is to get our IRS nonprofit status approved, purchase our marketing merchandise, launch the foundation with a booth at the LA Pride event on June 9, 2013, and start our national advertising and marketing campaign showcasing the members of the LGBT community.

None of these funds will be used for salaries or personal compensation - all of the members of the foundation work on a volunteer basis.

Our legal and administrative costs are $1,200 - booth rental at LA Pride and other events like that run approximately $250-$500 per day, depending upon the space available.  Our merchandise costs are estimated to be $1,500. 

All funds collected from this campaign will be spent on promoting the LGBT community and the foundation itself, and creating a brand awareness that we can capitalize on to raise additional funds, and to start our anti-bullying efforts.


So, all that being said, reaching our tipping point goal of $2,500 will allow us to pay our filing fee to the IRS for our 501(c)(3) designation (which means your donations are tax deductible!), and get a booth at the LA Pride June 9th, 2013, for 1 day, with t-shirts and bracelets to promote our cause.  Reaching our tipping point will allow us the means to establish the foundation properly and legitimately.


If we can raise our goal of $5,000 (or more!), we will use this money to promote our cause and organization at the San Francisco Pride June 29th and 30th, and to lay the groundwork for our national advertising campaign.

The more money we raise on this campaign the faster we can promote the LGBT community and support efforts to stop bullying!