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$130 pledged of $3,750 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $3,750
Ultimate Goal: $15,000
$130 pledged of $3,750 tipping point goal
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There are 1.6 million accidents each year. Why? Texting while driving. This is where Tiri comes in.

In 2008, almost half a million were injured and nearly 6,000 people died in car accidents involving a distracted driver. It’s obvious that using a cell phone while driving is not only detrimental to yourself, but to others as well. And even though there has been many public affiliations and laws to deter people from their electronic addiction while driving, the rate of texting and driving accidents have not decreased.

People have developed inventions, applications, and other accessories to prevent their young ones from texting while driving. Thus far, the products are all too cumbersome or ineffective to simplify someones cell phone usage. This is where my application idea, TIRI, comes in the picture. TIRI is the first cell phone application of it’s generation. With it’s intuitive yet user friendly interface, TIRI will save lives and make text-addicted driver’s lives easier and more convenient, all while making the world a safer place.

Here's an explanation of how the system will work - while driving, TIRI will reply to anyone that sends a text to the driver. It will gather the most relevant information and send the best appropriate response, giving the driver nothing to worry about except what’s on the road. If the friend who sends a text is in some type of emergency, TIRI will then prompt the friend to send a text with the keyword ‘EMRG’. From there, the driver would be notified to pull off the road and read whatever message his/her friend has sent. Even if someone ask what location the driver is currently in, TIRI would enable the GPS features and send the current location along with the driver’s destination (if present).

TIRI will be able to do all this by the information the user inputs before he/she starts driving. In ‘Before Driving’ mode, TIRI will ask the driver a series of questions:

- ‘Where are you going?’
- ‘Who do you have with you?’
- ‘What’s the occasion?’
- Etc.

Using artificial intelligence, TIRI will be able to choose what information would be best to reply whenever a friend text the driver. Below it’s reply, there will also be a disclaimer stating that it sent the reply along with the ‘EMRG’ tip.


This is an example of what Tiri will reply if someone text your phone while you're driving

This is an example of what Tiri will reply if someone text your phone while you're driving

Tipping Point Goal: $3,750

Total Funding Goal: $15,000

All funds will go straight to the application development company, Social Cubix. They sent me the price and the timeline of the project. If I can start the payment plan in 3 weeks, the application will go public in about 1-2 months.

If we reach our tipping point ($3,750), we'll be able to get the basic functionality of the app completed.  Of course there's lots more we want to add on -- that's why our total goal is $15,000! -- but at this amount of funding we'd be able to produce something.  Not only will it be a great start for our app and our social impact, it will also allow us to show this proof of concept to others such as AT&T to truly begin scaling our impact and getting our app in the hands of thousands and eventually even millions.