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Tipping Point: $5,000
Ultimate Goal: $10,000
$5,665 pledged of $10,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

SPOUTS (Sustainable Point-Of-Use Treatment and Storage) of Water is a not-for-profit enterprise working to set up a ceramic water filter production center in Uganda.

SPOUTS of Water is composed of a group of dedicated students, engineers and volunteers, all working towards creating a ceramic water filter production center in Uganda that will allow for: 

Increased access to sanitary water; decreased dependence on foreign aid; a sense of ownership when it comes to personal water hygiene.

We hope to help these children filter the water in those yellow jerrycans through ceramic filters that are:

[Effective] Ceramic filters have been historically proven to be effective. 

[Portable] These household filters can provide portable water to individual homes rather than entire communities. This decreases the likelihood of potential conflicts and helps instill a greater sense of ownership, an important aspect of global health technology that is often overlooked.

[Culturally accepted] The terracotta taste that results from water being filtered has also been found to be preferred where water has been commonly stored in ceramic jugs in the past.

[Simple] We believe that the low maintenance requirements of our filters will help to overcome culturally-instilled habits in the local population that often form barriers to adoption of new technologies.

[Cheap] Compared to existing technologies, SPOUTS offers a cheaper alternative. 

Tipping Point Goal: $5,000

Total Funding Goal: $10,000

When we reach our tipping point, we'd be able to supply the factory with all the machinery necessary to produce the filters: a generator ($2000), a hammermill ($500), a clay mixer ($1000), a press ($500) and a kiln ($1000).

When we reach our total goal, we'd be able to provide ongoing costs for the factory ($750/month for fuel, transportation, utilities, etc.)  for 5 months and produce 125 filters at 10$ each. This means that we would be able to supply 125 households will clean water for 4 years. 

This June, SPOUTS of Water will head back to Uganda to build a local ceramic filter factory for the purpose of sustainably providing clean water access to indigenous populations.

In addition to our design, the integration of our project with the community through the support of Kampala University (who is providing us with land for the factory site) and established NGOs in Uganda differentiates the SPOUTS project from the regular water charity projects.

SPOUTS of Water is a President's Challenge finalist and a I3 Innovation Challenge semi-finalist at Harvard University. 

SPOUTS of Water is a 501(c)(3) non-profit venture through a fiscal sponsorship with the Kasiisi Project.