The Second Chance Toy Story

by Second Chance Toys NSW

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Tipping Point: $4,000
Ultimate Goal: $6,000
$4,030 pledged of $6,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Help us to create a movement dedicated to donating gently used toys to children in need & keeping them out of landfills


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What's the Story?

The average Australian household with dependants owns in excess of 100 toys and one in four families with children spend more than $500 per child per year on toys.

But there are also thousands of children that don't have access to good quality toys to play with and learn from. 

Why Toys?

Every child has the right to play - it’s an essential part of learning and growing.

Toys are vital to a child’s development as they help with creativity and imagination. Playing with toys also teaches sharing, communication and social skills.

It’s often assumed that all children have access to toys but the reality is very different. Second Chance Toys provides a waste-need solution to this. Unwanted toys, that are still useable, are rescued and prepared for distribution to children in need through local community organisations.

Who are we?

The team at Second Chance Toys are all passionate about providing toys to children and keeping them from becoming waste in landfills. Cheryl Staddon founded SCT based on a USA Charity and after seeing many plastic toys in excellent condition being discarded on Council clean-ups and also when trying to re-house her own children's good quality toys that were not being used. "I hated the thought of these great toys going to waste and once I researched who might like these toys, I was amazed by how many local organisations would be very happy to receive them".

Our focus for Second Chance Toys in 2013 is to expand from toy drives in Southern Sydney to a network of toy drives and drop-offs across Greater Sydney and Rural NSW.



What we need?

To facilitate the expansion we need to produce marketing materials to get the word out there and assist in toy collection and promotion. We also need to improve our website to make it more informative and interactive for volunteers and donors, as well as engage organisations and corporates in toy donations on a large scale.

The marketing materials we require include stickers for collection boxes, toy donation signage, banners and information packs for Schools and Corporates.

The revamped website will be our shop window and is key to our expansion.  

Who do we help?

The beneficiaries are children and families in Australia who are subject to poverty, helplessness, suffered misfortune and have been identified as having a need to access toys.

We have received requests for toys in Orange, Bathurst, Central Cost and in Campbelltown Sydney.

Our recipients over the past two years have included Villawood Detention Residential Housing Unit, Mission Australia Goulburn Family Services, Communicare Rockdale, Namatijira Housing Group La Perouse, Settlement Services International and many more.

We have waiting list of over 100 organisations throughout NSW that would love toys to give to their kids, in particular we have many refugee groups that need donated toys as these children have no toys at all.

With increased marketing and awareness of Second Chance Toys we would be donating wonderful toys to thousands of children across NSW and saving these toys from landfill.

Tipping Point Goal: $4,000

Total Funding Goal: $6,000

When we get to our tipping point of $4,000 and have been able to produce our marketing materials, we will have the capacity to increase awareness of the importance of toy drives and toy donations. We will enable disadvantaged groups to have access to toys for their children in Greater Sydney and Rural NSW.  
When we get to our total goal of $6,000 we will be able to create our website which will help to elevate the concept of toy recycling within the community, the awareness of sharing toys and ‘passing them on ‘ from one family to another and the reduction of waste through landfill. We will also be able to educate families and children about recycling and that recycling toys should be as obvious as recycling paper.
We have delivered over 10,000 toys in the past two years but we really want that number to be 50,000 in the next two years! 
Once the website is completed we can begin broader marketing seeking toy drive volunteers.