Connecting Minds to Save Mankind

by Science Prophet

£120 pledged of £5,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: £5,000
Ultimate Goal: £20,000
£120 pledged of £5,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Creating an interactive, online, solution finding platform to aid the science community in bettering society.

The Mission So Far


During the last six months, our team has been hard at work building a community of likeminded individuals, committed to finding solutions to the many problems that threaten our societies. 


We have amassed thousands of scientists, researchers, academics and social thinkers from all over the world. These are people who spend their lives trying to solve problems that affect everyone; that affect you. Climate change, over population, inefficient distribution of resources; these are problems that are growing day by day and threaten the existence of civilisation. 


Science Prophet is a place that brings the specifics of these issues to light, and shares the latest innovations that seek to further our existence. But, if we are to really solve these issues, then we need to take it to the next level. 



The Next Phase


The next phase of Science Prophet will see the static online space we have created transformed into a dynamic, thinking machine. A place where people can discuss and collaborate on ways to solve the problems we face.


We want to integrate a system of next generation, smart forums which allow members of the community to share and discuss their ideas, to explore solutions and technologies that have the potential to bring an end to the biggest problems we face.


Countless ideas are thought up everyday, but they are often lost in the chaos of Internet noise or caught in the tangle of bureaucracy and funding processes. The people that make the decisions concerning which ideas are worth supporting are often ill-equipped to make the correct judgement. Individuals and small groups are often ignored and their ideas lost. These voice deserves to be heard. Where do they go to when the systems have failed them? 


Science Prophet aims to be the space where individuals can come and present their ideas to the members, who can discuss at length whether the idea is worth pursuing. If it is, it will receive the backing of Science Prophet and its members, who will strive to ensure that the idea is heard by the appropriate people. With the backing of thousands of respected minds, an idea is more likely to be heard. It is our mission to make sure this happens. It is our mission to make sure you are heard.

Tipping Point Goal: £5,000

Total Funding Goal: £20,000

The funds will be used to cover development costs for the site. We need to completely transform Science Prophet into an interactive network where users can share and discuss ideas in an efficient and structured way. 


In order to make this work effectively, the forums and networking capabilities need to be first rate. They need to be clear, well managed and quick. Building these is no easy job, and will require weeks of a development team's time. 



Our tipping point will allow us to build the basic forums, from which people can participate in discussions. But, if we reach our total goal, then we can create something truly special. If we reach our full funding total, we will be able to create a system that outstrips everything currently available. A system that can facilitate solution finding in a manner never before seen. 

The more funding we receive, the more features we will be able to implement into the site, and the better they'll be. It's as simple as that. We'll also be able to invite an increased number of renowned speakers with which to present to the community.  

To really make an impact, the functionality of the site has to be first rate. It has to succeed where others have failed. We know we can do this, we just need your help to give it the chance it deserves. 


Science Prophet is a non-profit project that exists to assist the science community in creating positive change all over the world, but so far, the whole project has been supported by a single R&D team. We need your help to give us that final push, then we can start to make a difference. 



First Week Update


As we come to the end of the first week of the campaign, we wanted to write a quick thank you to those that have supported so far, and also take the time to answer a few questions that have popped up. 


One that has been asked many times is in relation to just what the forums we are building will do and why they are better than what is currently available. Well, when you look around the internet, you do indeed find many forums discussing similar things to what we are focusing on. The problem with these though, is that they almost always lack direction and cohesion. They are just disparate voices, which debate without reaching any conclusion or action. This is what we want to change. 


Science Prophet will be a carefully structured setup, which highlights problems and delegates solution finding to various groups of skilled individuals. The site will cut the often mammoth tasks into pieces and delegate them to the appropriate people. We want to create a place that approaches problem solving in a systematic and efficient manner. A place that pushes forward progression and change. Online networks have the power to be an extremely effective force, and we want to make this happen. 


The other question that has been raised concerns the funding of Science Prophet. How have we been funded up to now and, if we have got this far, why the need for additional funding? 


The answer to both points lies with our founding supporter: Crocotta R&D. Since the idea of Science Prophet first emerged, the R&D company has shown tremendous support, and donated a generous startup fund. This was not an investment or loan, but a gift to get the project underway. It was a token of their belief in the project. Everything we have done so far has come either through that donation, or through the voluntary work of several dedicated members. 


This is a non-profit project, and we strongly feel that the platform belongs to the community. As such, every penny that we receive goes back into the project in order to improve and expand it. We know it is ambitious, and we know it will not happen over night, but we firmly believe we can do this. Science Prophet will one day be completely sustainable from sponsorship, which will cover the small running costs required, but in order to get to that point, to develop Science Prophet into an invaluable commodity for all of the world, we need additional funding. 


We are not building this for ourselves, we’re building it for you and everyone else who has an active interest in science and society. Science Prophet is a place for the community, and it belongs to the community.


We thank you all for reading this and, please, feel free to ask any further questions. We hope you will show your support to the project so, together, we can make it something truly special. 


All the best!