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$8,409 pledged of $15,000 goal
Tipping Point: $8,000
Ultimate Goal: $15,000
$8,409 pledged of $15,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Help us make it possible to connect people to better food and great people in their own communities by building an online exchange platform

What is Real Good Food?

We are an effort to transform local food systems and economies by making it easier and more rewarding for communities to participate directly.

Members of Real Good Food can connect and discover the beautiful cooking talents of friends, neighbors, co-workers, and local food artisans. Cooks can swap homemade or home grown food and everyone can purchase from certified local cottage food entrepreneurs. 

These connections are the foundation for vibrant and resilient communities. For more information please refer to our venture page.

Tipping Point Goal: $8,000

Total Funding Goal: $15,000

Tipping Point Goal: $8,000

Our tipping point is the minimum level of funding we need to deliver a working version of our website to anyone who wants it. Our tipping point will specifically allow us to make sure the website has:

Easy connections –find and connect with people who make the food you love

Quick and simple posting- post your homemade food in 3 simple steps

Personal Preferences- add your diet restrictions and food preferences

Events- host a food swap, potluck, dinner party or collaborative cooking event

Planning and inventory- find out who wants to trade before you cook and find out who made jam or pickles last month

Total Funding Goal: $15,000

Help us go beyond our tipping point to insure that our team can continue to afford to commute to work and feed ourselves. Our total funding amount will support very small summer stipends for the team and we will be able to enhance our website with the following:

An Artisan / Cottage food marketplace

User-feedback and reputation development features

Integration with social networking and recipe websites

Enhanced user profile setting and options

See where we work:

Ann Arbor’s Liberty Street is home to TechArb. TechArb is a vibrant and eclectic collection of student run businesses and is partnered with the University of Michigan’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.

An Example of the website we're building:

Currently in prototype stage, you can visit us at but please be forgiving of the errors you will encounter. These are the ones we need your help to fix!