Fight Cervical Cancer, Save Women Worldwide

by Preciva

$11,430 pledged of $21,600 goal
Tipping Point: $10,400
Ultimate Goal: $21,600
$11,430 pledged of $21,600 goal
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Campaign Overview

Help Preciva raise the necessary funds to complete the prototype of our revolutionary cervical cancer screening test.

Preciva’s Vision

Preciva is an impact-driven company that has developed a portable, wireless electronic test to screen for cervical cancer.  Cervical cancer remains one of the leading causes of cancer deaths for women – in some countries, it is the leading cancer cause of death for women. Yet cervical cancer is highly treatable if detected early. That over 270,000 women around the world die every year from this treatable cancer is unacceptable.

Preventing these deaths is our goal. Our approach is innovative. It requires people to think differently about what’s always been done. We need your support to start gathering results to show that this approach can work.

If we raise funds from venture capitalists at this stage, we’ll be forced down the road of focusing on profits first, instead of making the test as accessible and affordable as it can be. That’s why we’re asking you to help fund this work and bring screening to women worldwide.

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The Test and Technology

Preciva’s test has the potential to transform cervical cancer screening and treatment, dramatically increasing screening in low income countries where screening is currently rare and replacing the existing standard, the Pap test, in countries like the United States. It will be an affordable test – the components can be manufactured for less than $2 a test unit. The Preciva system will provide immediate diagnosis, with results displayed in a color graphic that is easy to understand and enhances discussion between patient and provider. Immediate test results using a portable device without a need for laboratory infrastructure will allow women to see results right away. It will let community health workers and mobile clinics see and treat disease in a single encounter. In higher income settings where women already have ongoing access to care, the Preciva system's comprehensive map of tissue changes will encourage monitoring instead of pre-emptive treatment, lowering costs for health care systems and offering women greater opportunities to have a say in their own care.


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Once the device has been safety approved and clinically tested, Preciva will first target improving access to screening in India, a country with roughly a quarter of the world's current burden of cervical cancer deaths. But we won’t stop there – we believe there will be advantages to this test for women everywhere.

The Founders and Company

We founded Preciva to develop this technology and improve women’s access to screening. Currently we are an all-volunteer team composed of the founders and several medical and technical advisors. The founders are Craig Miller, an engineer and scientist who has previously brought cancer screening devices to market, and Anais Tuepker, a women’s health advocate who has worked in health program planning both in the US and internationally. We are committed to focusing on improving access and generating positive social impact – a commitment we demonstrate by being a certified B Corp company.

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Tipping Point Goal: $10,400

Total Funding Goal: $21,600

Our tipping point goal is the minimum amount we need to be certain we can fully assemble a working prototype test device and disposable components for clinical testing.  We need $3,200 to purchase components and $5,000 for electronics fabrication. The remaining $2,200 covers our operating expenses including utilities, insurance and basic costs of maintaining our workspace for two months.

If we reach our total goal, we will be able to pay for some much-needed basic legal and accounting work, including expediting our patent through the review process.  With this work done and a prototype in hand, we will be in a good position to start gathering clinical data and raising money from health-focused foundations. It will also pay for an additional 4 months basic operating expenses. None of the funds requested go to salaries for our team – we’re working because we believe in the project.