The 1st Great Big Handprint Awards

by Positive Handprints Foundation

$7,225 pledged of $20,000 goal
Tipping Point: $5,000
Ultimate Goal: $20,000
$7,225 pledged of $20,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

An eco-system for widespread positive change? Inspire, engage, and make a Positive Handprint. Read more...

We're preparing the Great Big Handprint Awards!

It's a global video competition, to share and reward Positive Handprints stories - doing good with the 5Ps of Sustainability: People, Planet, Profit, Purpose, Passion. 

Awards will be presented by popular vote, with special awards nominated and decided by our global panel of awesome judges.

So get ready to upload your stories and ventures, vote... & share! 

The awards will run for 3 months from 1 July - 30 Sep 2013, culminating in a streamed/televised gala awards night in October 2013!!

Our Inspiration

The 5P's of Sustainability have the ability to change the world, into something truly thrivable! 

When we check in with our definitions and relationship to People, Planet, Proft, Purpose & Passion, and ask ourselves - where is the win-win-win? - How can we meet not only our own needs, but the needs and wellbeing of the whole system? ... We are not only creating Positive Handprints. We are creating a healthier, more abundant world!

It's so powerful and important to recognise Positive Handprints where they are being made - it's using the power of our own voices and choices to support the emergence of a better world.
When we share the stories of the good we are doing, and the power of our purpose, we connect in a meaningful and tangible way with our communities. When we share the stories of those who are doing good, we encourage them, and others, to do more. 

Our Vision

There are already a number of organizations pursuing Positive Handprints with the 5P's... let's celebrate them as a means of encouraging others to go down a similar path! 

What's Ahead

-Social media competition July, 2013

-Gala October, 2013

-Building out the site now, developing competition functionality through an API, developing marketing content and building partnerships -- so that we are ready to recognize those doing good with the Great Big Handprint Awards!

Join us

Positive Handprints Foundation itself is a celebration of a community coming together to celebrate those that are making a difference in the world.  But to make that possible, I'm asking for you to make a positive handprint yourself and support us in making these awards possible.

Tipping Point Goal: $5,000

Total Funding Goal: $20,000

Social media contest management API
Website revamp
Marketing budget

If we reach our tipping point goal...

We will have enough funds to purchase the essential contest API, and the bare bones of helping us to passionately build these awards (without going broke in the process). :)
AND ... we will be VERY GRATEFUL to you, our supporters. 

If we reach our total goal...

We will have enough funds to ensure that we can engage some support in building the website and media kits/releases... and to offset/fund a little of the time we are donating to get this project of the ground.
AND ... We will be INCREDIBLY, HUMBLY FULL OF GRATITUDE, and the INSPIRATION that there are others out there who really believe in this AS MUCH AS WE DO, and are willing to chip in to make it happen.

If we exceed our total goal...


If we happen to exceed our target goal ...
we will be able to put extra funds into developing 

(K-12 & Tertiary Education)

& the
(A wiki site to help share the stories of organisation and product based positive handprints, and to allow communities to both
a./ dob in someone who's doing good ... and b./ keep people/corps accountable when they are not!)

AND ... We will be TOTALLY blown away. Not to mention incredibly fired up for the work ahead of us. :)