Launch a Portal to Transform Youth Journalism

by Out the Mouths of Babes

$4,155 pledged of $4,000 goal
Tipping Point: $1,000
Ultimate Goal: $4,000
$4,155 pledged of $4,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Help us file our incorporation paper work & build the publishing portal that will transform youth journalism & give students a voice in shaping their experience.

Our vision

To create a Huffington Post for students that enhances literacy,critical thinking and writing skills and connects students more deeply with their academic experience, all while embracing creativity and instilling a love and respect for journalism.

Our inspiration

My grandparents didn’t have the opportunity to pursue much education, so when my aunts and uncle got the chance to, they did. My mom was the first person in my family to graduate from high school, and she then went on to college and graduate school and became a teacher herself, a role in which she served for over 30 years. Her drive and passion for education–and seeing the way it has transformed her life and mine–has inspired me to do the work I do.

The Future We are Creating

I work primarily on issues affecting education and juvenile justice. Every day, I have conversations about the best ways to educate students, evaluate teachers, etc. I find myself, however, wondering where the voices of kids are in these conversations.How can we as adults hope to impact students' lives if we don’t truly know about them?

Adults visit aggregate sites to get news about the issues relevant to their experiences. We want to create a site that does the same for students. We want students to have a place to present the stories relevant to their world.

Wisdom is not determined by age, and we think it's time we start listening to our kids.

How will we succeed?

We will succeed by partnering with professional journalism organizations, school districts, media companies, and universities to create a dynamic site for student journalists to tell the stories important to them.

Partnering with universities keeps college readiness at the forefront of our work. Partnering with media and journalism organizations ensures that we follow and instill in the students the ethics of professional journalism, and partnering with schools ensures that we can connect to the teachers and administrators who support our students. 

What do we need?

The funds raised from this campaign will allow OTMOB to officially organize, apply for non-profit status, and develop the software necessary to make the site a reality.

Tipping Point Goal: $1,000

Total Funding Goal: $4,000

If we are able to reach our tipping point amount of $1000.00 we will be able to file the paperwork to be incorporated in Nevada and to file the paperwork to seek non-profit status.

Every dollar above our tipping point will be dedicated to designing and programming the web portal that will be neccessary for our site to operate properly.

If we are able to meet our total goal of $4,000, we will have the capital to file the neccessary paperwork, create the neccessary web portal and prepare for launch.

Non-profits typically use either WordPress or Nation Builder to run their custom sites. WordPress is also used by media companies. A custom WordPress or Nation Builder site can cost between $3,000 and $9,000 dollars. By raising $4,000 dollars we will be able to design and implement a website that will allow us meet the neccesary technology standards.