Inspire Confidence Through Physical Fitness

by Northampton Exercise Club for the Homeless

$1,250 pledged of $2,000 goal
Tipping Point: $1,000
Ultimate Goal: $2,000
$1,250 pledged of $2,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

We are starting an exercise club for the homeless in Northampton. Our goal is to use physical fitness to revive confidence and self-esteem.

My Story

My name’s Reed Fox and I'm helping homeless men and women get off the streets. I volunteer for Street Soccer USA, a non-profit organization that uses soccer as a tool for social change for the homeless and gets 75% of its participants off the streets within a year. I’m a sophomore Commonwealth Honors College student at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Although I'm only 19 years old, I have seen the power of physical activity on homeless men, women and children. I know that this club will be successful and will be very beneficial to the town of Northampton. As a college student, I have very limited financial resources to contribute to this venture so I'm asking for your help. 

Plan of Action

We will start by meeting Friday mornings, once a week at the drop-in shelter in Northampton. With the help of the Mercy Health Care for the homeless, we will find as many participants as we can and then begin our workout. Along with UMASS-Amherst students, athletes and faculty, we will stretch and then walk, run or jog depending on fitness levels. Following each workout, we will hold a meeting of participants and volunteers to discuss our life problems. We will all (including volunteers) set goals for ourselves to accomplish throughout the week and then discuss how well we did the following week.

Our Vision

We want to create a sense of community. Many of these homeless individuals feel like they are isolated from society and we want to reach out a hand and show them that they are important members of society. We hope that this club will give participants the health, confidence and belief necessary to find housing, employment and/or education. 

We will use a model similar to a program that my friend is heavily involved in called Running Works.

Our partner from the Mercy Care for the Homeless, Doreen Fadus and I

Our wonderful partner from the Mercy House for the Homeless, Doreen Fadus and I

Tipping Point Goal: $1,000

Total Funding Goal: $2,000

Our tipping point of $1000 will provide all of our participants with healthy snacks, socks, a t-shirt and running shoes. We will be able to support about a dozen participants with this money. We plan to reach out to apparel stores for a community discount so we can distribute even more gear. If we reach our goal of $2000, we will be able to provide our participants with hoodies, which will be vital in these cold winter months. Again, we'll look to receive any discounts possible to have as many hoodies as possible for our participants. We will also be able to sponsor our members to participate in different road races (which cost anywhere from $10 to $50 each) around the area. Road races are very popular in the Pioneer Valley, especially charity runs such as the Citizens First Hot Chocolate Run and Autism Speaks 5K.