Launch the North Korean Human Rights Film Festival

by North Korean Human Rights Film Festival

$2,565 pledged of $6,500 goal
Tipping Point: $2,500
Ultimate Goal: $6,500
$2,565 pledged of $6,500 goal
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Campaign Overview

North Koreans are impoverished and living under extreme oppression. Millions have starved to death. We want to raise awareness of the real North Korea through film.

Founded in early 2012 by a group of individuals in Toronto who are extremely concerned about the human rights and humanitarian crises in North Korea, the North Korean Human Rights Film Festival (NKHRFF) was created to raise awareness of the atrocities that have been happening in North Korea for more than sixty years. Most of the population of North Korea live under extreme oppression and are slowly starving to death. There are an estimated hundreds of thousands incarcerated in concentration camps with no real end in sight. Each North Korean has a story worth hearing and learning from and we want to share some of these stories through film. With the primary goal of raising awareness, NKHRFF hopes that their film festival will not only educate the public, but inspire people to feel engaged and contribute to a better North Korean future. Our film festival will take place this year in downtown Toronto from July 6th-8th, 2012. We hope to expand this film festival to other cities across North America and make it an annual event. Tickets to this event are $5 per film and all funds will be used to continue raising awareness of the situation in North Korea. 

Tipping Point Goal: $2,500

Total Funding Goal: $6,500

100% of the funds will go towards the North Korean Human Rights Film Festival and to raise awareness of the dire situation in North Korea. We are not looking to keep any of this money or turn in any profit. 

Our tipping point is $2,500.00. This will allow us to secure the venue, film distribution rights and a portion of our printing and advertising items. By reaching our tipping point, we at a minimum, will be able to hold a film festival. This tipping point amount will be combined with our $1,150.00 in donations that we already have in hand. The total will be $3,650.00 which will be enough to cover the first three budget items below. 

Our total goal is $6,500.00. If we reach this point, we will be able to raise more awareness. We will be able to print more posters and postcards to draw viewers to our event. We will also be able to print campaign/awareness posters and purchase easels which will feature vital North Korean human rights information and images. We could also use this funding to construct a necklace which we believe has the potential to go viral and raise more awareness of our film festival and more importantly, North Korean human rights. Lastly, we would be able have a thank you party for our volunteers, guest speakers and other individuals who are not directly connected to our festival. We want to thank and recognize these individuals. 

The funds are broken down as follows:

$1,800.00 - Venue rental for 200 people. This is for three days and 21 total hours. During this time we will screen films, bring in guest speakers and make announcements. 

$850.00 - Film distribution charges. In order to screen our films, we must pay distributors for the rights to show these movies. We are planning on showing six or seven films and where possible, have bargained the price as low as possible. 

$1,000.00 - Printing and advertising. This will go towards printing postcards, posters, pamphlets and cards. These items will be put in as many places across the city of Toronto as possible. The goal of doing this is to attract as many viewers to our film festival.

$1,000.00 - Campaign/Awareness posters. This will go specifically towards printing North Korean human rights posters and purchasing easels. These posters will feature North Korean defector testimonies, images of concentration camps in North Korea as well as other information and items used to raise awareness of the real situation in North Korea. 

$250.00 - Bake Sale fundraiser/awareness campaign. In the summer prior to our film festival, we would like to hold a bake sale where we can bring people together for some snacks in hopes of raising funds. We will also use this opportunity to distribute advertising materials and invite people to our film festival. Funds go towards purchasing baked goods. 

$1,000.00 - Awareness Necklaces. We have come up with a unique idea for a piece of jewelry that we believe people will feel motivated to purchase. This item is something that is closely identified with the people of North Korea and can be worn for two primary reasons:(1) to show solidarity with the oppressed people of North Korea, and; (2) to raise awareness. We feel that this attractive necklace has the potential to go viral. The more people that purchase this item, the more awareness is spread of our film festival and in turn, North Korean human rights. Funds allocated towards this budget item will be used to purchase and construct necklace items. All funds earned from the sales of these necklaces will be strictly used continuing to raise awareness. 

$600.00 - Thank you event. We want to thank all of our guest speakers, film directors and hard working volunteers who will be (and have been) working hard to put on this event. Funds will be used to rent a facility and purchase food items.