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by NGOpolis

£1,050 pledged of £16,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: £16,000
Ultimate Goal: £46,000
£1,050 pledged of £16,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Let's make changing the world a little bit easier...

The world of change makers

Around the world, thousands of people are working to create a better future.

NGOpolis brings these people, their work, and ideas, together.

All around the world, there are thousands of amazing people working incredibly hard with NGOs, charities, conservation and aid organisations trying to create positive, sustainable change. What we want to do at NGOpolis is bring all these fantastic people, their work and ideas, together!

Working conditions on the front line of conservation, aid, and sustainable development can be tough - I know as I spent years in the field living with minimal electricity and no running water. Internet was a frustrating luxury, and pages would take up to 15 minutes or more load, if they loaded at all!

When you're working to create positive and lasting change, the importance of finding the right information and learning from the experiences of others cannot be underestimated. In this line of work, time and money are at a premium! And, in isolated places, the only access to this kind of information is online. 

BUT until now, there was no easy-to-load, 'one-stop-shop' for people in this sector, a website that was fully searchable and guaranteed to be full of useful, relevant  information and contacts.

As  result, it can be all too common that people constantly have to 'reinvent the wheel' as they seek solutions on the ground.

So I created NGOpolis. www.NGOpolis.com

NGOpolis.com lets everyone from professionals to academics, students, and stakeholders quickly and easily find out what others are doing, share stories of what works and what doesn't, swap up to date information and learn from each other. It also has functions that let people download information directly from the site, create data tables, have informal IM chats, and much more!

NGOpolis' usefulness relies on its users. Without people registering and loading the site with information, it can't do what it's been designed to do.

NGOpolis now needs to reach a critical mass of users and content.  

NGOpolis logo

Why does NGOpolis need money?

Without funding, we won't be able to effectively reach out to our stakeholders, and the vision of providing a space that makes the lives and work of this incredible community a little bit easier, will not become a reality.

If we hit the tipping point, we will be able to keep the site going*, and two people (one full time and one part time) will be able to spend 6 months generating the kind of content that will help inspire and support the people working on the front line of conservation, aid, and development.

BUT if we hit the target, we will be able to work on promoting NGOpolis for a YEAR, AND we would also be able to start expanding the site's functions to better serve the needs of its users.

We will also be able to build a firm basis on which NGOpolis could begin to become self-funded.

Tipping Point Goal: £16,000

Total Funding Goal: £46,000

We also want to demonstrate what NGOpolis is about - working together to create lasting change.

When you make a £3 contribution to NGOpolis, you can vote for an organisation that you want to receive a chunk of the funds we raise.

We have nominated 7 INCREDIBLE organisations that represent the UN's Millennium Development Goals.

If we hit our tipping point, we will give the project with the most votes £3,000.

We have selected these 7 organisations, but there are thousands of people all around the world, doing similarly amazing work.

BLUE VENTURES: An integrated health and environment project delivering family planning services to semi-nomadic fishing people along the west coast of Madagascar. Find out more here!

CHILDREN HELPERS FOUNDATION: Helping to secure a healthy and productive future for poor and orphaned children in Ghana by providing access to education, housing, nutrition and livelihoods. Learn more here!

FANO: ReefDoctor’s FANO (marine turtle) project empowers local communities to protect marine turtle populations in the Bay of Ranobe, Southwest Madagascar. Read more here!

HARASS MAP: @HarassMap maps and reports incidents of sexual harassment and assault, finds support for victims, and
organizes volunteers who empower and mobilize communities to make Egypt safer.  Find out more here!

NAWAYA: Nawaya are co-creating self-reliant, resilient and bountiful communities; teaching schools and communities to
create productive food gardens. Learn more here!

SONRISAS: Creative health and education projects conceived and run by community. Empowering women and children in Nicaragua. Read more here!

UHAMBO AFRICA: In Johannesburg, SA, Uhambo supports and mentors underprivileged children, their families and their schools, helping with extra lessons, literacy, IT skills, books, school uniforms and more. Find out more here!
These projects are run by dedicated people with passion and integrity. We know that money going to them will get to where it's needed.
Ideally, we would like to give money to all of them.... And we can, with your help!

This is how:

If we overshoot our tipping point but don't hit the target, we will give the winning project £3,000 and will then distribute 20% of everything else we raise evenly between all 7 organisations.

BUT, if we hit our target, we will give the organisation with the most votes £6,000, AND we will give every other organisation £2,000.

PLUS, we will distribute 25% of everything we raise beyond the target evenly between all organisations, ON TOP of their winnings.

In a very real way, by supporting NGOpolis, you are supporting EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE working towards a better future.

Because in the end, we really are all in this together. 


All contributors will receive personal thank you messages, and will have their names displayed on a permanent, dedicated 'Thank You' page on NGOpolis.

For a contribution of £30 we will also send you a copy of 'Lambeth Lagoon' - a children's underwater adventure story written by NGOpolis creator Alice Grainger, and illustrated by Pia Kelmp, artist and long running member of the Sea Shepherd Crew.
 Lambeth the lobster, from the illustrated children's book, 'Lambeth Lagoon'.
But maybe you would like to be part of the very STRUCTURE of NGOpolis?

We are offering ad space** on the site in return for contributions! We would LOVE for you to be a part of this journey and to use this space to share your stories, your messages, or the services and products that you offer that contribute to the mission of this venture.

NGOpolis ad sizes and locations

**Terms and conditions do apply. We cannot display advertisements for good or services that are in conflict with the mission and vision of the site and its users, i.e. nature conservation, aid, and sustainable development. http://ngopolis.com/pages/view/2075/terms-and-conditions-for-advertising-on-ngopolis

*Miscellaneous costs for NGOpolis include the costs of  VPS hosting, Cloudflare™ (that speeds the site up for people with bad connections), domain registration, press releases, ads, security update installations, screen-shot thumbnail provider, and other programming costs.