Support Education, Reduce Crime and Create Jobs

by New Communities Forum

£70 pledged of £6,420 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: £6,420
Ultimate Goal: £21,000
£70 pledged of £6,420 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Help us provide necessary training to our communities and empower others to reach their goals.


Who Are We?
I am Stanley Mathew M., A board member of a Not-for-profit social Enterprise called, New Communities Forum (NCF) based in Coventry, England, United Kingdom. NCF is an umbrella organization directing and spearheading the activities of 48 UK registered organizations, community groups and charities.

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What Is Our Appeal's Objective?

Our appeal for your donations is aimed at sponsoring two members we've selected from NCF to study Digital Marketing, starting from January 2014 –January 2015 with the renowned Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing UK, ( The aim is to have well qualified and knowledgeable volunteers that can train and continually assist target groups in our community to stay away from crime, drug abuse and take on a responsible life-style, thus empowering them to reach their goals and aspirations. It will be impossible to raise funds to train every member in our community at higher education towards achieving qualifications in digital marketing.

The advantage we have in paying to train two volunteer digital marketing experts for our project is that; the experts to-be will offer continuous assistance to individuals in relation to their respective projects and individual needs. Together we can make this dream a reality and a lasting one. Your donations to our course will go a long way and become “seed money” that will spread far and wide.
The long run benefit is that this appeal will benefit not only our UK Communities but the world at large with an interest in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce with no costs to participants.

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What Is The Problem We Want To Address And Who Are The Target Groups?
We have many single mothers, young girls, ex-offenders and ethnic minorities with excellent and intermediate levels of English, sitting at home because they cannot find jobs thus living below poverty lines in our Community, consequently being posed to crime. Majority of single mothers are young girls between the ages of 15yrs and 21yrs while the fathers to their innocent kids are nowhere to be found. They have consequently been abandoned and the sole responsibility of bringing up these kids lay in the hands of these naïve girls. Over the last 5yrs, we have seen an increase in young single mothers by about 15%.

These target groups rely on government funded “Benefits” and we want to change living standards for them and their families by being able to train and assist them in becoming self sustainable by owning and running successful online businesses and platforms with continued assistance, support and coaching from the two volunteer  members your donations will help to train. Nowadays one does not need a personal product to sell online to become self sustainable. Affiliate marketing, drop-shipping and reselling has helped thousands around the world to become self sustainable. Our interest is “Empowerment” of the groups we work with.

Very often one will hear that an elderly person has been mugged in the market and or at their respective homes. Majority of the muggers are drug addicts and the jobless due to their drug addiction habits and the need to satisfy their cravings.

The elderly are the most vulnerable because of their inabilities to defend themselves due to age and fragility. Plenty of businesses have been crippled due to robbery. Visitors to our community have been robbed. Many homes have been broken into and much more. We are happy to live in a community where our parents and elders have no fear of going to the shop and or market because of crime.

It is very clear we cannot stop crime in its entirety but we are about to reduce it by more than 60% with your hard earned donations towards formally educating two of our volunteer members who in turn will be training our community members and target groups to realize their online marketing dreams and aspirations.

In The UK and in our community, there are hundreds of ex-offenders that are unable to find a job simply because of their past mistakes, ignorance and criminal past. This in some cases has led to stress and consequently returning some of these reformed ex-offenders back into the life of crime as the amount of money they get on benefits is not even enough to supply their basic needs and necessities including electricity, gas, food, water, clothing and socially demanding activities not leaving out their addiction habits. However this should be no excuse for such behavior and that is why we want to bring a change. Crime rate in the UK has fallen about 4% over the last 3yrs but the fact is that ex-convicts cannot find a job irrespective of being reformed or not.

There are young girls that have dropped out from school for one reason or the other. Many of them have been brainwashed, cohered into taking drugs and mass alcoholic consumption which is a danger to their present and future health. Because of their eventual dependency on drugs and alcohol, they have often fallen victims of forceful and unsolicited sex activities thus being seen and used as sex objects.

Some ethnic minorities have the problem of finding jobs irrespective of what qualification and or degree they possess. Majority of whom we work with have attained their first degrees and even masters but yet are jobless. The reason in some cases is as a result of racial profiling, lack of jobs etc.


We did a survey with 300 members from various groups and organizations we work with including single mothers, ex offenders, young girls and unemployed ethnic minorities and 280 were interested in some form of online marketing but without a clue on where to start from. We are asking for donations from you to give to these target groups exactly what is of interest to them. They believe in Digital marketing and making money online from home. Out of the 300 participants we surveyed, all had broadband internet connection at their various homes.

 What Is The Solution On Offer To Address The Problem?

Send Miss Kinyuy Likita and Mr Mbiydzenyuy Mat to study Digital Marketing for one year and upon completion will take on the task to lead and help to implement, assist, coach and train target groups in the field of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce for the life of their individual online projects. Online Businesses and Ecommerce can be established from home successfully with the right tools and skills. Single Mothers, need to look after their kid(s) to a certain age before they can be able to return to work but most of them are still not able to pay for child care irrespective of being employed or not.

We are happy to champion a change in lifestyles especially for single mothers, reformed ex-offenders and girls by working together to create income generating activities online with the relentless support of the two volunteers your donations will facilitate their specialist training. All target groups will learn the best practices of digital marketing including but not limited to Web design, SEO, SEM, Link Building, FTP and Hosting, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Copy writing for the web etc.

Reformed offenders will be able to create and run online businesses with assistance from our experts for the life of their online activities. This activity will help to reduce individual crime rate by far thus creating self employment and opportunities.


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 How Do We Plan To Execute The Funds Raised Here?

Your hard earned donations will help us to train two volunteering members from our organization to spearhead in delivering Digital Marketing training to our members, reformed ex-offenders, single mothers and girls within our community and the 48 organizations and group we work with without any charge to them. This will go a long way as these future experts will at all times be available to help these groups and individuals whenever the need arises and for as long as they are active in their respective domains. See break down of expenditure below

 What is The Immediate or Long Term Benefit To Target Groups?
Eventually crime rate will become low once the target groups have engaged in something they have all wanted to do. Single mothers will become self sustainable and adequately look after they young ones and young girls will become very productive and freed from sex slavery. Self employment will take its toll while continuous assistance, coaching and mentoring on a one by one basis will be at the forefront from well informed subject specialist. We are out to empower young girls, reformed ex-offenders and single mothers and together we can make this happen.

How Will These Experts To-Be Earn A Living If They Are Volunteers And Not Being Paid After Graduation?

They will create and run a digital Marketing Consultancy though under the supervision and control of the Director within the NCF head office with access to the public. Income generated through consultancy will give them a wage to look after themselves and as well as their families while excess will be used to promote the activities of the organization. This is one of the ways to become self sustainable for the organization due to the paucity of government funding for charities and associations in the UK.

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Why Do We Care Much About This Course?

We care much about this project because it will not only end in the UK. Once the members from our organization have been trained, we are going to create an online platform that will help others around the world with an interest in digital Marketing to learn the skills of developing and implementing digital marketing without any tuition cost them and irrespective of their geographical location.

What Resource Have We In Place

We have an office with a huge training room and meeting rooms and other related instruments suitable to facilitate community training. Digital Marketing training will be offered online and from our office whose address is 35 Vine Street, Hillfields, Coventry, CV1 5NH, West Midlands, England. NCF recently received a donation of additional office equipment from Voyager, an IT company.

We have in place a web designer who is a volunteer and has pledged to become instrumental in delivering web design training in collaboration with the two Digital Marketing Trainers your donations are about to train.

Upon completion of the digital Marketing course, we are pleased to tell you that; we will have an online platform (website) where anyone with an interest in digital marketing will be free to join, learn and have direct access to our experts without any costs attached. Please make a contribution now. No amount is too small.

 Give your Contributions.

No amount is too small. All contributions will create a long term impact in our community. With the paucity of government funding, we trust, collectively we will succeed. We are proud as a social enterprise and happy to welcome you so that together we can work towards creating a social platform that can be replicated around the world.

We pledge to correspond with every donor by mail and to provide accountability. During graduation ceremony, we will happily invite our donors to take part provided they can. We will be happy for you to see the effect of your donations. In fact if you are not able to attend, we will happily send to you all our graduation pictures and videos mentioning every one that contributed to our success in the video.


Tipping Point Goal: £6,420

Total Funding Goal: £21,000

Our Funding Goals

Tuition and Exam fee for Miss Kinyuy : £2,450 + £225 + 20% VAT =£3210

Tuition and Exam Fees for Mr Mat: £2,450 + £225 + 20% VAT =£3210

Total Tuition: £3210 + £3210= £6420

When we reach our tipping point of £6420, we'll be able to pay for tuition, Exam fees and VAT at 20%.  Donations raised above £6420 will go toward their living expenses, books, and housing.

Grand Total Expenditure = £21,000.