Local Network of Moms Recycling Their Old Into New

by MOMTraders

$40 pledged of $3,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $3,000
Ultimate Goal: $12,000
$40 pledged of $3,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

MOMS trading their unused items for the things they need, our goal is to create a local MOMTraders in each County across the U.S.

MOMTraders has been a project in the works for well over a year now. It started when I became pregnant with my son, with no money to get items needed, ie, baby clothes, baby gear, maternity clothing. I decided to take the clothes I was quickly growing out of, and trade them with a MOM who had outgrown all of her baby clothes, baby gear and maternity stuff. Oddly enough we fit perfectly into each other's lives. She was slimming down, her son was growing and here I was needing the items she no longer had any need for...

We exchanged with one another, and wow, I felt great! I mean really great! I felt accomplished, see my husband has always been the one to bring home the bacon a.k.a (pay the bill's, put food on the table etc.) so when I was able to provide baby gear, and clothing, I felt like I had contributed to my household, I mean away from the everyday contributing I already do.

So I created a quick 5 minute facebook page, and WOWY! In 2 days time we had over 360 local MOMS trading like it was our new addiction!

After us all basically providing Christmas for each other, from UNWANTED stuff. It was pretty evident that every County should have a MOMTraders. BUT... it had not really hit me, per say...

Other MOMS seemed to get the idea, and that is when my phone started ringing off the hook...

MOMS 7 hours away, across Florida wanted a MOMTraders in their County! Some were nice about it, kind of disappointed to hear that one did not exist for them, and some were just downright comical! Demanding a MOMTraders! I mean none of them were rude, just really passionate about MOMTraders, and having one locally for themselves.

I then decided I had to build MOMTraders, and bring it to every County in the United States, but how?

After many attempts to get a site running, hours of studying web site design, seo, wordpress design and plugins...

I have found myself running in circles more than anything.

Oh yeah, I have the idea, have MOMS waiting, but still the website is not finished.

everyday it stares at me...

Talk about frustration, but even with a huge learning curve, and a feeling sometimes of hopelessness, I have never given up.

I am very proud of my prototype. I know all the hard work I have done this far shows my true dedication to MOMTraders.


With over 700 MOMS patiently awaiting the opening of MOMTraders, I simply can not get this project finished without some outside help.

That folks is why I am here. I am dedicated to MOMTraders, I have never believed in anything more.

I need your help, I need funding to get a system built to allow MOMS to create local sites. Each site will be like a mini community. Allowing MOMS to search for needed items, post items they no longer want etc. Each site will be locally based, and so it will allow some great connections, all while growing Communities across the United States.

 In order to accomplish my goal, of one local MOMTraders in every County. I need to hire a programmer that can make the site as user friendly as possible, that way MOMS can easily search for needed items, and make a smooth trade in their local area.

To accomplish this advanced programming is needed.

A programmer costs quite a bit of money, and because something like MOMTraders has never been done. We are basically starting from scratch.

Your pledges will help me pay for a dedicated programmer that can create the system that I have in mind. the programmer will be hired to create 3000+ local databases to power MOMTraders.

Please think about helping me build MOMTraders.

Think of how different our world will be when we all start providing for each other, through our unwanted items.

They always said "it takes a village to raise a child".

I say it takes a community to provide for a family.

Tipping Point Goal: $3,000

Total Funding Goal: $12,000

When I reach the tipping goal, this will allow me to hire a programmer. The programmer would allow me to create the basic, functioning beta of the site. It will be bug-free and have databases of 3000+ trader sites. This will allow Moms around the world to start sharing and stop wasting.

Anything over the tipping goal will go towards allowing me to add additional features to MOMTraders. Some features will be very complicated, and they are really on my wishlist for MOMTraders. But some other features will be simple, but yet very helpful to the local families.

These features include, a points system to allow MOMS to get the items they need, even if they have nothing to trade with.

Alerts system, so if a MOM is looking for a specific school shirt, when one is posted, she will be alerting immediately.

Hosting will be upgraded to a dedicated server, that way MOMTraders has very little to no downtime.

If we surpass our tipping point, a national marketing campaign would be first on the list after getting the system running correctly.

A local office, or headquarters would be such a blessing, and your pledges can really help me open the doors.

I would like to have a mobile app built, that will make trading really easy, specially for the on the go MOM.