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by Miss Dinkles, Interactive Reading Figment Festival

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Ultimate Goal: $700
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Campaign Overview

I wish to perform an interactive reading of “Celeste, Nick and the Magical Tea Party” in order to re-teach a philosophy that is common to all Indigenous cultures.

I wish to co-create a world in which the energetic balance between humans and our environment is restored through the practice, by the masses on Earth, of a philosophy that is common to Indigenous cultures. 

This particular philosophy takes a mass practice in order for it to be effective and I am very excited to have discovered a passage of text that scientifically supports it. In his book, "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight", Thom Hartman quotes Victor Grey , author of "Web Without a Weaver" and "The Laser of Intent". Victor wrote Thom the following:

"Physicists tell us that according to the laws of wave mechanics, the intensity of (any kind of) waves that are in phase with each other is the square of the sum of the waves. In other words, two waves added together are four times as intense as one wave, ten waves are one hundred times as intense, etc. Since thought is an energy, and all energy occurs as waves, we believe that 80,000 people all thinking the same thing together are as powerful, in terms of creating the reality that we all share as...80,000 times 80,000... (the number of people that inhabited the planet around the year 2000). Therefore, 80,000 people all believing only in love will be enough to change the planetary reality."


Miss Dinkles


FIGMENT Geelong Festival is an outdoor interactive arts event and social experiment; an opportunity to express creativity, spontaneity, collaboration and tonnes of fun!

Johnstone Park, Geelong Victoria, 23-24 March 2013

Tipping Point Goal: $175

Total Funding Goal: $700

Travel expenses to and from Geelong. Purchase of a marquee for shade or cover from rain. Purchase of Tea Party props. Purchase of Tea Tonic tea samples to give away. Printing of an A1 sized laminated poster of the book and purchase of an easel to stand it on. Purchase of fake grass for styling of area. Purchase of a fancy story telling chair. Purchase of a coffee table for performance props and books.

Tipping Point funds will cover: Travel espenses, Tea Party props, A1 sized laminated poster of the book and easel.