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Tipping Point: $5,000
Ultimate Goal: $10,000
$5,266 pledged of $10,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Please help us launch this amazing educational project to teach people how to live more mindfully and sustainably, from the inside out.

The Mindful Living Revolution offers practices and tools for living in more ease, balance, and harmony with ourselves, with one another, and with the environment. It draws upon the practice of mindfulness and the principles of sustainability, ultimately teaching people how to live from interconnection, how to thrive rather than just survive, and how to make sustainable design a way of life.

We are at a turning point in history, a time where the future of life on this planet is unknown. Most people want to make a difference but are struggling to deal with their own personal challenges, with stress, and daily survival. The tools offered through Mindful Living Revolution enable people to make a difference from the inside out. This project helps people to cultivate a much more present, compassionate, and connected way of being, which naturally extends into how they relate to the world at large. It helps people to learn what is required to live as an earth steward and what is required to work together in our communities more effectively. It also enables people to experience their pain for the world in an empowering way and to make the connection between the larger crises we face and their personal lives. This work is a form of peace activism. It helps people to experience more peace and well-being, while simultaneously being of greater service to the world...not from shutting out the problems of the world, but by meeting them with conscious compassionate awareness.

I have been developing curriculum, writing, and teaching workshops on these topics for the past 5 years and have seen this work change lives everywhere I am invited to teach. I need your help to create the structure (book, online course, far-reaching workshops, and a blog) to make a broader impact with this amazing work and make a difference in more people's lives.  Please help me share this important message about mindfulness and sustainability with more people.

The first $5000 raised will go to the completion and publication of the book, Mindful Living Revolution: How to Live Sustainably from the Inside Out, currently in development. Your support will enable me to complete writing the book, which is only half-way written at this point. Finances are needed for me to devote time to the writing process, to continue researching for the book,  and to purchase voice-activated software. The book comes from my 20-year journey exploring mindfulness and sustainability, both nationally and internationally, and is presented in three major sections:  Mindfulness with the Self, Mindfulness with Community, and Mindfulness with the Environment. The book contains 19 chapters.

 The second $5000 will support the online course and workshops. The first Online Course will launch in late March 2012 and will be promoted and offered to people throughout the country through a number of supporting websites, blogs, and radio shows that support sustainable living and consciousness. If I get the funding, the online courses will be offered in three 6-week sections throughout the year, each devoted to a different aspect of mindfulness practice: (1) Mindfulness With Self: Cultivating and Deepening Daily Practice;   2) Mindfulness With Community: Communication, Collaboration, and Mindful Leadership in Changing Times; and (3) Mindfulness with the Environment: Cultivating Sustainable Design as a Way of Life. Each section will include lecture/facilitated discussion, awareness exercises, meditation, and assignments that support the participants in integrating mindfulness practice into their daily lives. Funding is needed for technical support and consulting to set up and run the course, for wider scale promotion, and graphic design (which will also be used for the Mindful Living Revolution blog).

Workshops are scheduled so far this year in California, New York, and Oregon. In order to get this work out to more people and in order to be able to offer it to low-income people who cannot typically afford it, we are hoping to dedicate $2000 of the second $5000 to underwrite certain workshops and the online course and create a scholarship fund.

Every workshop is rooted in the practice of compassionate awareness and includes experiential work, awareness and writing exercises, lecture, and meditation.


Tipping Point Goal: $5,000

Total Funding Goal: $10,000

If I reach my tipping point goal of $5000, then I would be able to finish and produce the book, Mindful Living Revolution: How to Live Sustainably from the Inside Out.


Writing ($1000/month for 4 months - March, April, May, and June 2012)


Voice-activated typing software (Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium)


Honorariums for research interviews (6 interviews x $50 per interview)

Purchase of books to support research into mindfulness practice  


Editing Support/Assistance



The next $5,000 will go to helping me launch and run the online course throughout 2012 and expand and promote Mindful Living Revolution workshops, including $2000 for creating a scholarship fund.

Technical support (1 year of Webinars)

Graphic art - for the online course and blog

Cost for promoting the online course (PR consultant)

Cost for administrative support and workshop administration


The final $2000 will go to creating scholarships and subsidies for Mindful Living Revolution workshops and online course

Scholarships & subsidies for low-income participants
(10 online courses at $150= $1500 and 2 Mindful Living Revolution weekend retreats at $250= $500)


TOTAL: $10,000