Help domestic violence survivors keep their pets

by Middle Way PAWSS

$18,050 pledged of $30,000 goal
Tipping Point: $12,000
Ultimate Goal: $30,000
$18,050 pledged of $30,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

PAWSS helps domestic violence survivors in southern Indiana leave their abusers without abandoning their pets.

The Problem

The link between violence against humans and animals is overwhelming. Research indicates that 48% of domestic violence (DV) survivors stay with their abusers because they fear what will happen to their pets. Unfortunately, in a home where abuse occurs, it is likely that pets will be part of the cycle of cruelty.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 71% of women experiencing DV reported that their abusers had threatened, harmed, or even killed a family pet. In much the same way that children can be used as pawns, animals in volatile homes are often used as a way for the abuser to exert power and control. Fear for animals’ safety in abusive homes is a very real and important concern for survivors of domestic violence

What Can We Do?

Middle Way PAWSS (Providing Animals and Women with Safe Shelter) seeks to give domestic violence survivors more options and make the complicated process of leaving an abusive relationship a little easier. Middle Way PAWSS will provide a safe place for the pets of individuals seeking assistance from Middle Way House. Pets admitted into the program will receive routine veterinary care and be placed with a trained PAWSS ”Foster Parent”. Our volunteers will provide pets the love and security they need during their stay.

Making A Difference

Middle Way PAWSS will have a meaningful impact on DV survivors in the community.

Offering a safe home for pets will eliminate an important obstacle in leaving an abuser: fear for their pet’s safety. No one should be forced to choose between her pets’ safety and her own.

In addition to easing the pain and difficulty survivors face when leaving their abuser, PAWSS will help women at Middle Way House during their stay at the shelter.

Having an alternative home for their pets will allow DV survivors the space and time to begin the process of building a new life.

Tipping Point Goal: $12,000

Total Funding Goal: $30,000

All the donations we receive through Start Some Good will be used towards keeping the pets safe and healthy with routine veterinary care and loving foster parents.

Tipping Point Funds

Our tipping point goal of $12,000 will enable PAWSS to provide foster care and veterinary attention to approximately 50 pets, as well as promote our program and educate the community on domestic violence related animal cruelty. The tipping point funds will cover the cost of pet food (bag of food, dishes, treats), foster care (litter box, leash, collar, toy), and essential veterinary procedures (vaccinations, flea control, heartworm test, deworming, and spay/neuter surgeries) for 25 cats and 25 dogs.

Beyond Tipping Point

Our total fundraising goal of $30,000 will enable us to establish an emergency veterinary fund, which will be used to provide essential lifesaving veterinary care that pet owners in our program cannot afford. 

Although we hope to raise enough funds to provide emergency medical care for PAWSS pets, reaching our tipping point goal will change lives and provide invaluable resources for the DV survivors and their pets in our community!

What your support buys:

·         Every $20 donated feeds a PAWSS cat for one month.

·         Every $40 donated feeds a PAWSS dog for one month.

·         Every $60 donated buys full vaccinations and worming for a PAWSS cat.

·         A $100 donation buys full vaccinations and worming for a PAWSS dog.

·         A $200 donation buys crates and carriers for PAWSS dogs and cats.

·         A $350 donation buys spay/neuter surgery for 10 PAWSS cats.

·         A $500 donation buys spay/neuter surgery for 10 PAWSS dogs.

·         A $1,000 donation buys pet-supply kits for 20 PAWSS Pet Foster Parents.

·         A $8,000 donation buys emergency veterinary care for pets injured by abuse.

Help DV survivors break free and keep their pets safe!