Make an Album - Change a Life

by Melodime

$39,235 pledged of $50,000 goal
Tipping Point: $30,000
Ultimate Goal: $50,000
$39,235 pledged of $50,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

This is our time - to give back! 100% of our new album sales will provide instruments to the less fortunate.

The album: We are extremely excited to announce that we will be recording our next album this winter with critically acclaimed producer, Rick Beato (Needtobreathe, Shinedown, Trey Anastasio, Decyfer Down, and many more), at Blackdog Sound Recording studio in Atlanta, GA. Picking up where our 2011 release of 3 Reasons for Fighting left off, this album includes convicting themes of redemption and the message that although we are flawed and have made mistakes, they can be forgiven, used to discover our purpose, and make a difference for the better. 

The vision: But more than recording an album, this is about living out its theme. That is why we are donating 100% of the proceeds from every album sale to the purchase of musical instruments and educational materials for those in our own community, and around the world, that have the desire, but not the opportunity to learn and play music. Our hope is that these instruments give those less-fortunate the same opportunities that were afforded to us, to explore and harness their creativity, just as it did in the case of our great grandfather's family all because of the kindness of a stranger. 

The need: It takes significant financial backing to create a quality album. Most records you hear on the radio are backed by funding from major record companies and investors. We plan to record an album of the same quality, without the budget and support of a major label, so that we can remain independent and flexible in the music marketplace. This is where the support of our fans is crucial! Because we will not be making the money back on the sale of the record, we are asking you to partner with us to help cover the recording costs.

The campaign: Our goal is to raise at least $30,000 in 30 days. In exchange for your support, in addition to our eternal gratitude, we’ve set up a really cool rewards program we think you’re gonna love. You can claim any reward at or under the dollar amount you have pledged. Every contribution, no matter how large or small, helps get us closer to reaching the goal, so please give something. If we don’t reach the set amount before time runs out, no transactions will be made and no rewards will be given out. Which means no record will be made, and the positive impact it is intended to bring will never be realized! 

The mission: The future appears to be bright and our plan is to help thousands with the proceeds of this album. These individuals will be identified by those who wish to partner with us on this endeavor including yourself! We also have existing relationships with organizations already in the field working to support impoverished communities around the world that will help identify exactly who could benefit from this mission. Throughout the journey, we will document every personal delivery to keep everyone in the loop as to where and how the proceeds are being used.

At the risk of sounding cliché, we simply can’t do this without your help. Take this leap of faith with us today by pledging and by sharing our Start Some Good campaign with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and by word-of-mouth. We can’t thank you enough for helping us accomplish this dream and we promise to make you proud with not only our best record yet, but in striving to bring positive change to people’s lives.

- Bradley, Sammy & Tyg

Tipping Point Goal: $30,000

Total Funding Goal: $50,000

You may be wondering... 

My picture's gonna be on the cover? Mosaic? What?

- Yep! You guys are writing this story just as much as we are and this is a cool way to signify that. But don't get freaked out - with lots and lots of pictures they will be really small and collectively will form a larger picture. The challenge will be to find yourself when it comes out!

Is this record worth $30,000? Why don't we just give the money straight to charity?

- Well hey, I'm so glad you asked that. Yes. To match the cost in givings we need to sell 3000 albums at $10. If we had set out to do this with '3 Reasons' (our last record), a year and a half later we'd be significantly past just matching it ;) And we're going into this album with many more fans, more doors opening up because of it, tours and shows already booked out to the fall of 2013, and a high quality product supporting a cause that we hope everyone we meet and play for will want to support. A simpler answer is: we will take that $30,000 and multiply it.

How do we know 100% of the money generated from album sales will be used as you say it will?

- Pinky swear? Jk. In 2008, leading up to the release of Memories in the Form of Sound, we became an LLC, got a business account going, started paying our taxes like our parents and teachers, and hired an accountant who is still with us today. With her help, excellent records have always been kept and she stays very on top of the books. We are confident that every penny that we say is going to the cause will get there. See, we're not as dumb as we look :)

Do you actually intend to benefit people "all over the world" or are you just being dramatic?

- It's not unrealistic. Many of our experiences prior to the band have paved the way for such a thing. We have connections and support with churches all over this country and many others. Sammy and Tyg's father is a pastor with many close relationships with missionaries all over the globe. Their sister has traveled the world with Youth With A Mission, her husband has also with World Vision, and they are currently working in Ethiopia at a very high level with Food For The Hungry. Sammy himself has traveled twice to west Africa to support an orphanage, and to England, New Zealand, and many islands in the south pacific, also with Youth With A Mission. So, yes. That is our plan, but we'll see about all the who-what-when-where-why's and how's one step at a time once we get our feet a little wet.

Why are you not partnering with an already established charity?

- Well, we certainly looked into it, but we didn't find one that did exactly this and it seemed like things would complicated with how they allocate the money. We looked into starting our own charity as well, but the logistics of that were complicated, and to fuse the band and a charity, legally, was going to be tough. And it's not our ultimately goal to be a charity organization - we're still song writers and performers first! It's more clean and simple just to donate to worthy causes as we see fit just as many businesses do.

Will all the money pledged really be used JUST for creating the album? And what happens if you end up with more than enough?

- Yes. In actuality, by the time it's all said and done the record will cost over $40k. However, we felt, both individually and collectively, that $30k was the right number to set for the campaign. Should we end up with even more still, it would give us more options for the caliber of mixers and mastering engineers we could work with. Or perhaps we would add an extra song or two to the record!! 

If you don't reach the goal will you really not make the record? 

- We'll never stop trying, but in reality it would delay the process a year or two. 


We'd be happy to answer any additionaly questions posted in the comment section below…