Fair Market Prices for Rural Farmers via Text

by Lima Links Mobile Information System

$3,230 pledged of $10,000 goal
Tipping Point: $2,500
Ultimate Goal: $10,000
$3,230 pledged of $10,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Lima Links increases Zambian farmers income by 60% and reduces waste by 50%.

This project increases the income of over a million Zambian farmers through access to market prices and distribution using mobile technology.

We need a total of $ 35000 and we have already raised about $25000. We need your contribution to take us the last 10000. Partner with us, Colorado State University, and iDE to help Zambian farmers empower themselves. Donate now.

Agricultural development plays a significant role in alleviating poverty and stimulating growth in Africa. Rural small plot vegetable farmers in Zambia have limited price leverage due to a lack of real time market information. Subsequently, over 50% of produce goes to waste and farmers lose income.  Lima Links is a market information system accessed on simple cell phones through text messaging. We aggregate  information through a Farmer Business Advisory Panel that provides rural vegetable producers with access to real time data and training via text to increase their bargaining power. Lima Links services leverage key cross sector partnerships in Zambia and the United States to provide triple bottom line impact by increasing the income potential of rural farmers, combating supply chain inefficiencies, and creating a profitable business.  We are launching this summer, and with your help will get the most services to farmers at the best price possible. 
The People We Work With 
Morrison is a rural farmer who is currently using the pilot Lima Links mobile application to raise the value of his crops through knowledge of market prices demand. He maintains that the knowledge the Farmers Business Advisory and Lima Links has given to him has been transformational.  Morrison is excited about the prospect of Lima Links expanding so that farmers like him in other villages can also experience improvements in their quality of life.
 Lima Links facilitates a future where rural farmers in Zambia are paid fair market prices for their products like vegetables.  Farmers in other parts of the world experiencing similar complexities have employed mobile technologies and services like Lima Links to increase their income by up to 60%.  Our future is one where market inefficiencies no longer create shrink rates of 50% and where Zambian farmers can flourish economically.
The Lima Links Plan  
Lima Link’s inter sector team will address the data gap that farmers experience by reducing the amount of informational asymmetry that exists between the various stakeholders in the produce value chain.  Based on the information gathered from a feasibility study and market analysis, we have determined that vegetable farmers want access to several types of information in real time. This information includes weather reporting, vegetable prices at different market points, agricultural inputs and seeds, as well as training tips. 
Lima Links aggregates this information from multiple stakeholders and makes it available through mobile technology using cost effective cell phones and simple text messaging.  We already have 5000 farmers in our database who have expressed need for our services and interest in Lima Links products. Our job is to take this informational service and develop business models that get the most amount of information to those who need it most, with the least amount of cost to the farmer. We seek to have this program financially stable and independently run within the next three years. 
The Lima Links GSSE MBA Team 
Our team is dedicated to enriching the lives of global citizens in the spirit of environmental stewardship through effective and sensitive business practices. Balancing triple bottom lines can be a rewarding challenge and we are committed to softening the ecological footprint of our clients while simultaneously increasing their economic empowerment. We are four MBA candidates in the revolutionary Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise (GSSE) program, an educational platform designed to train entrepreneurs from multiple fields to address development issues through business practices rooted in holistic thinking.  Our collaborative skills include quantitative and deep qualitative methodology, financial modeling and analysis through accounting and multi-site logistics and operations. 
Beyond this, our team has logistical support from experienced technology and agricultural development organizations that have operated in Zambia for over 15 years. They have led the way in linking local farmers to multiple retail and wholesale outlets as well as initiated women’s empowerment programs, and locally produced irrigation technology solutions.  Additional support comes from the Center for Advancement of Sustainable Enterprise at Colorado State University, a land grant institution that is well known for its dedication to cutting edge agricultural research as well as leading in sustainable practices across multiple colleges.  

Tipping Point Goal: $2,500

Total Funding Goal: $10,000

Our campaign goal of 10,000 USD represents the last mile of our funding plan. These funds will help ensure that our team develops successful business models and optimize Lima Links operations as we launch our service platform this summer.  To do this we will be working with our customers and partners directly. Through on the ground interviews, farmers in Zambia will help us validate our services, test our business models, and rapidly iterate to ensure that Lima Links has maximum impact and is economically sustainable.
As we improve our system we will increase our database of farmers and agents. Currently there are 5000 farmers in our system and we seek to double that to 10,000 individuals by the end of the summer.  That translates to 10,000 farmers with an estimated 60% increase in income potential and a prevention of up to 50% produce loss per individual.
We are almost there! Pre campaign funding activities have brought us to almost 70% of our total target. All we need is your help on this final 10,000 USD push to help us leverage services for the farmers who need them most, at the best price possible. Our tipping point is modestly set at 2500 USD because this is the least amount of funding necessary to get our leanest team configuration active in Zambia. We are almost there and need your help to push use the last little bit.  
Significant research and funding have already laid the foundation for success. With your help we will find the right business models to deliver our services at a low cost to farmers. Our team is leveraging the full resources of our partners at Colorado State University, and International Development Enterprises (iDE)to make this a reality. This final push will allow us to meet our objectives and create a sustaining impact for rural farmers in Zambia, and hopefully beyond.  Please join us in addressing income disparity worldwide!