Preserve Lesbian History in Washington DC

by Labor of Love

$16,500 pledged of $27,000 goal
Tipping Point: $15,000
Ultimate Goal: $27,000
$16,500 pledged of $27,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Labor of Love is a documentary and web-based archive project about lesbian communities D.C.

About The Film

Labor of Love is a web-based archive project dedicated to archiving the history of lesbian space in D.C. through video interview and documentary approach. The documentary portion of the project, follows the DC Women's Initiative on their journey to create a new safe and welcoming space for the DC area's diverse women of the LGBTQ community and their allies in March 2013. The space will connect existing organizations and serve a resource for women to find eachother. While following the Initiative's meetings and day-to-day actions, the documentary will also feature historical vignettes of previously existing lesbian organizations, such as the Gay Women's Alternative 1981-1993, Sisterspace, and Lammas Bookstore (1980 - 2000). These vignettes will how how important these spaces are for the foundation of LGBT existence in D.C. today. Clips from the interviews will appear on the project's website for viewers to listen to and reflect upon prior to the fim's premiere in March 2013. 

Premiere: April 20, 2013

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Why It's Important

With your donations this archive project about lesbian history will be able to build a future that remembers the past and bring generations together to understand the challenges and struggles women have faced sustaining ‘safe’ space in an urban environment. By having leaders and members of the DC LGBT community, from both past and present, reflect and (re)tell their stories about creating lesbian civic organization, they will not only better understand their place, both physically and culturally in the community, but the challenges and successes’ they have face throughout the process. And, more importantly, the film itself will help promote the launch of the D.C. Women’s Initiative space in March 2013.

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 Birch & I

Elizabeth Birch, former President of Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and Labor of Love director, Kelsey Brannan 

Papaya Mann, Member of Sapphire Sapphos and an LGBT Community Pioneer in DC, with Director, Kelsey Brannan

Kelsey Brannan, Director, with Papaya Mann, one of DC's LGBT Community Pioneers

Ina & Kelsey

Ina Alterman, founder of the Gay Women's Alternative (GWA) 1981-1993, with Director. 



Stills from interviews: 

June Crenshaw, Board of Whitman-Walker Health & Member of DC  Women's Iniative

Crenshaw still

Denise Bump, former owner of Lammas Bookstore & Head of DC Women's InitativeDenise Still

Papaya Mann, Member of Sapphire Sapphos, Black Lesbian Support Group and Pioneer among the battle against HIV/AIDs in D.C.papaya frame

Bonnie Morris, Professor in Women & Gender Studies at Georgetown & GW auther of Eden Built by Eves, and came-out in DC as a teen in 1980.Bonnie frame

Tipping Point Goal: $15,000

Total Funding Goal: $27,000

If we reach our tipping point goal, that means Labor of Love will be able to hire set crew to produce a 22.5 minute version of the herstories to exhibit to the public in April 2013 and continue to grow the archive. The money will specifically go towards basic production needs, such a hiring editors and cinematographers, purchasing back-up equipment, transportation and distribution costs.

If we read our total fundraising goal, that means we will be able to make a 47 minute documentary film for television and also produce smaller 5-7 minute herstories to be watched online. The film is currently being produced as a MA thesis project at Georgetown University in the Communication, Culture, & Technology Program. With your donations, however, the project will expand beyond the confines of the university into a community project. The total fundraising goal will not only cover the basic production costs listed above, but additional labor, including the hire of a composer, sound engineer, color correction, and music licensing fees.