Collegiate Kiteboading Association Scholarship

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$598 pledged of $1,800 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $1,800
Ultimate Goal: $5,800
$598 pledged of $1,800 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Establish a Scholarship Fund to support the growth of kiteboarding among college students.

Our Vision 

We are on our way to becoming the "NCAA of Kiteboarding" by establishing a fully fledged US tour for kiters from US colleges.

Our Background & Experience

The CKA was founded by Matt Sexton in 2005 which developed into the only US kiteboarding tour. It consists of over 8 kiteboarding clubs and of over 50 individual members. We are now a 501-C non profit backed by a number of sponsors, so we are ready to GROW!

This scholarship is something that has never been done in the kiteboarding industry. It could truly help student athletes follow their dreams as they pursue and further their college educations by giving them access to learning the sport, participating at a competitive level or even to build a career in the industry.

The Future We Are Creating.

Anyone who has been involved with the CKA has been inspired by like-minded people who are 1) passionate about the sport, and 2) are going to go on to do great things. See the Alumni section of our website to see examples of Entrepreneurs like Matt Sexton (CKA Founder) and his business Keys Cable; Billy Bosch from Good Breeze Kiteboarding, running Kite making clinic for kids with Autism; or Will Caldwell and his long list of accomplishments with technology:

Founder Matt Sexton

To date we have established a sustainable framework that we can use to run our tour year after year. So far we have an establish presence in Florida and permits/consents/sponsors for our East Coast Regional Championships. We are in the process of organizing our West Coast Regional Championships which then leads to our Nationals which will raise the profile of the organization. This is the level that we ultimately want to get to where college students will be able to get more funding from their sports clubs.

Tipping Point Goal: $1,800

Total Funding Goal: $5,800

To reach each of targets, we will commit the funds towards our eligible students in the following ways:

Tipping Point

1. Transport for CKA Members and Officers to Event finals. This will include 1x Officer's flight ($600) to California for the West Coast Regional Championship in April and 2x West Coast competitor's flights ($1200) to fly to Hatteras Island North Carolina for the CKA Nationals in May.

Total Funding Goal 

2. Contribution to a CKA Member's tuition fees for 2014-2015. The CKA will develop criteria to ensure that students are enrolled in minimum number of credit hours at a tertiary provider and maintain an adequate GPA. This will ensure that eligible candidates are both good ambassadors for the organization and also likely to succeed in the sport. Any amount up to $4000.