Coffee Cycling and Community

by Kinyei

$18,105 pledged of $23,000 goal
Tipping Point: $12,000
Ultimate Goal: $23,000
$18,105 pledged of $23,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Promoting responsible tourism and community development through social enterprise in Battambang, Cambodia.

The Kinyei social enterprises (Kinyei Cafe and Soksabike Tours) do not rely on donations and were set up with the bare minimum outside resources. However, for the next step, we'll need your help.
We are preparing to train Kinyei staff to manage the social enterprises in which they work, making the projects completely locally driven and self-sufficient for the future. The candidates are proven leaders within the organization who have ambitions to continue the tradition of Kinyei's social impact through business.
The curriculum we are collating will incorporate existing management training materials and social enterprise tool kits, and will draw on industry experts in social business, finance, communications, hospitality and customer service, as well as sustainable tourism leaders.
We simply need the funds to do this right, with quality training providers and gap funding to make sure that we are making a realistic, responsible drive for self-sufficiency and repeatability.
This is the culmination of Kinyei's two year long effort to incubate social entrepreneurship in Battambang. If successful, it will lay the grounds for a lasting culture of entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency among Battambang youth, and a template for social enterprise incubation in similar contexts around the world.

Tipping Point Goal: $12,000

Total Funding Goal: $23,000

Funds rasied through the campaign will go towards the cost of  implementing a management training program for four highly motivated Kinyei management candidates over an 18 month period. 

$12,000 will be allocated for the 18 month management training program, to include development of training materials, cost of hosting guest trainers, participation in industry related workshops, and study trips to other organizations and businesses, and fair wages for all four management candidates.

$11,000 will be used for gap funding and capital improvements and strategic business development for both social enterprises over the 18 month period.

The enterprises have shown that they are not only viable but actually well positioned to take advantage of Battambang's rapid growth, and perhaps more importantly, set its tone with their dedication to socially responsible enterprise and sustainable tourism.

These targets are drawn from our years of experience with the staff and business context here, and represent our best efforts to generate a realistic, responsible transition plan.