Empowering Young Mexicans for Social Change

by Integrando a Mexico

$400 pledged of $4,220 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $4,220
Ultimate Goal: $16,880
$400 pledged of $4,220 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Help Integrando a Mexico empower young Mexicans and transform them into powerful agents of social change.

Our Vision

Integrando a Mexico is a youth empowerment course whose organizers are committed to providing uniquely enriching and empowering experiences to young people from across Mexico. We strongly believe that each young person has the energy, the motivation, and the power to create a better present and future for his or her community, and we want to help as many young people from Mexico as possible harness those elements with the tools, ideas, experiences, resources, and inspiration they need to bring about widespread social change.  

Integrando a México 2011 Staff and Participants

The Program

A group of 12 high school and university students from across the globe will select and bring together a group of 45 enthusiastic, open-minded, and community-oriented Mexicans aged 16 to 18 to participate in Integrando a México 2013, a youth empowerment course that will take place in the city of San Miguel de Allende between the 8th of July and the 4th of August.

The course’s unique and highly dynamic 4-week program includes Peace Agency Workshops, Community Service Projects, Creativity and Social Problems Workshops, Civic Engagement Workshops, and Social Project Development Workshops. In the Peace Agency Workshops, the participants will acquire and reinforce a wealth of key values and skills in the generation of peace and social justice such as empathy, social awareness, creativity, ethical leadership, respect and promotion of human rights, unity, and teamwork. 

For the second week, the participants will collaborate with local organizations in the Community Projects section, which allows them have a more profound understanding of the community, analyse and reflect upon a particular local social problem, and contribute with a small but significant project that has a positive social impact. Furthermore, during this week, the participants will take part in the Creativity and Social Problems Workshops. Firstly, they will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge about a current social problem in Mexico and have critical, thorough discussions with their peers about the problem and the points of view they hold with regards to the problem’s different aspects. Subsequently, they will get together in groups to create cultural projects of their own in areas such as Theater, Music, Visual Arts, and Literature that raise awareness about the social problems they have previously explored.

Community Service Project of "Art & Social Change"

In the third week, the participants will be part of the Civic Engagement Workshops. In this project they will obtain a thorough perspective on Mexico’s political system and public life and will learn how to be more active, critical, and effective citizens capable of generating a stronger, more inclusive democracy in their communities and around the country. At the end of the week, the participants will attend the Integrando a México 2013 Conference, an event that will allow them to hear social entrepreneurs and activists talk about their experiences and knowledge about different public life issues and the work that is done to tackle them.    

Finally, the Social Project Development Workshops will take place in the fourth week, and in these, the participants will be able not only to learn about how to design and carry out a social project but also to create deeply impactful social projects of their own with the help of the staff and the aforementioned entrepreneurs and activists.

The Future We Are Creating

At the end of Integrando a México 2013, through their respective projects and the amalgam of experiences, ideas, tools, resources, and contacts that they gain throughout the course’s intense and immersive program, the participants will function as a national network of highly aware, motivated, and capable citizens, entrepreneurs, and activists able to generate and be an important part of societal efforts that pursue the construction of an inclusive, collaborative, and democratic society and the resolution of vast social problems that affect the quality of life of millions of Mexicans.

Integrando a México 2011 Participants

Tipping Point Goal: $4,220

Total Funding Goal: $16,880

To help cover the course’s costs that we are unable to fundraise, we ask our participants to state in their application if they are able to pay a voluntary fee that covers their accommodation, food, transport, insurance, and use of materials during the entire course. If they are not, we then provide them the opportunity to attain a scholarship, worth $400USD, which is the cost of participation for each participant for the 4 weeks that the course lasts. We provide these scholarships so that those enthusiastic young Mexicans that wish to participate in our initiative but could not otherwise pay the voluntary fee still have the opportunity to be part of the course.

Thus, the $4,220USD (with the 5% accounted for SSG), our Tipping Point, equals to 10 scholarships, which is the minimum amount of scholarships we have committed to offer every year in the course.

With the total goal of $16,880USD, in addition to the $4,000USD that we expect to obtain through support by local collaborators, we would have the capacity to provide scholarships to our 45 participants and not consider the ability to pay during our evaluation of applications. Consequently, the selected participants that still contribute to the course with the voluntary fee would allow our team to attain funds that would go to the organization of the 2014 course.