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$280 pledged of $1,200 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $1,200
Ultimate Goal: $3,600
$280 pledged of $1,200 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Our DIY kits teach you how to make earth-friendly crafts. Your purchase supports a job training program for unemployed women who will help manufacture the kits.

What Is Herban Crafts' Mission?

Herban Crafts’ overall mission is to empower people by teaching them how to make their own products, while supporting the health and wellbeing of people and the planet.

Herban Crafts’ social mission is to help address the problem of unemployment, a contributing factor to homelessness, by offering a hands-on job and social skills training program for homeless women living in transitional housing with the goal of fostering economic independence. Our ultimate goal is to be able to place the trainees in permanent positions at companies in the local community.

What Are Herban Crafts Kits?

Herban Crafts kits teach you how to make your own earth-friendly products. We believe learning to make your own products is an empowering experience! Each kit makes two sets of finished products, and there are several kits to choose from. The kits are perfect to give as gifts or as bridal shower favors or as a fun party activity!


Herban Crafts Kits

What's So Special About Herban Crafts Kits?

Herban Crafts kits are good for the community, good for you, and good for the planet.

Socially Responsible: Herban Crafts is a for-profit social enterprise. The manufacturing of organic herbal bath and body product kits will be conducted in part by unemployed women. The women will work in the context of a job skills training program in collaboration with our social services non-profit partners. Masters level counselors will oversee the training and coaching of the trainees. Also, a portion of our sales will be donated to non-profit organizations supporting people and the planet.

Totally Natural: The kits contain the highest quality organic, fair trade, natural ingredients, which makes them unique. Many bath and body crafting kits are laden with artificial colorants and fragrances, preservatives, and other substances associated with chronic health issues. The ingredients in Herban Crafts kits have been carefully chosen to minimize the chances that you’ll have an allergic reaction. And the essential oils are safe for use by pregnant women and children.

Environmentally Responsible: In addition to the organic, pesticide-free and planet-friendly ingredients, all packaging is made of recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable materials. Our boxes are made from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard. 


Lip Balm Kit

What Do You Get With An Herban Crafts Kit?

Our initial set of kits will provide you with the secrets of how to make your own non-toxic bath and body products! And if you want, you can share those secrets (and products) with friends and family.

Each kit retails for $34.95, equal to the retail cost of the finished products if purchased from an organic bath and body product artisan. In addition, you’ll know how to make more for yourself! And you also get a good feeling from knowing that your purchase is helping to support a good cause.

Once we're established, we plan to offer a wide range of earth-loving crafting kits across a variety of mediums.

Bath Salt Kit

What Are The Benefits For The Jobs Skills Trainees?

Not only will the trainees' involvement in a structured program help them to build their resumes, develop basic job skills, and benefit from a structured social skills program, the process of compiling the kits, which contain only truly natural ingredients, will offer an opportunity for them to learn about health and wellness. In addition, the process of working with one’s hand lends itself to free flowing conversation. The counselors will use these opportunities to encourage open dialogue about the trainees’ personal challenges and help them develop strategies for dealing with them. And the group structure will create a social support network for the trainees.

How Will The Jobs Skills Training Program Work?

During each eight-session program, participants will learn basic job skills such as punctuality, resume writing, interviewing techniques, positive work attitude, and teamwork. Self-Empowerment sessions and personalized coaching facilitated by Masters level counselors will provide a holistic approach to further trainee’s personal growth. The goal of these sessions is to encourage open dialogue about personal challenges and develop strategies for dealing with them. 

The program, which utilizes elements from evidence-based job training programs, is expected to result in increased basic job readiness skills, work self-efficacy, internal locus of control, perceived social support, and decreased depression for the trainees. Upon graduation from the program, trainees will receive a certificate of completion, a resume, job references from Herban Crafts staff, information on how to stay connected with their peers, and an Herban Crafts kits.

Our counseling team


The program is being developed by Mary Kearns, who holds a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, with a focus on Applied Lifespan and Lizbeth E. Castro, who holds a M.Ed. in Community Agency Counseling. And our counseling team includes Masters level social workers with clinical experience in facilitated multifamily group counseling, crisis intervention and behavior management. They have worked with vulnerable populations including survivors of domestic violence, homeless women in transitional housing and the chronically homeless. 


Anything Else?

Yes. Thank you so much for supporting Herban Crafts!

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Tipping Point Goal: $1,200

Total Funding Goal: $3,600

Your contribution will support production of the first batch of Herban Crafts kits. The money we raise on StartSomeGood will help to cover the initial production of kits and the first month's salary for our counselors.

Tipping Point Goal: $1,200

Total Funding Goal: $3,600

When we reach our tipping point, we will have enough funds for the first month's salary for two of the part-time facilitators who work with job skills trainees ($1,200).

When we reach our total goal, we will also be able to purchase enough materials to produce 400 kits (boxes, $880; raw ingredients, $400; packaging materials, $500; description cards, $240; recipe cards, $80; and labels, $300), the profits of which will provide us with enough funds to run the program for an additional 3 months.