GalliGalli Taxi and Takeoff

by GalliGalli

$10,145 pledged of $16,423 goal
Tipping Point: $7,424
Ultimate Goal: $16,423
$10,145 pledged of $16,423 goal
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Campaign Overview

Building an online Nepal that enriches lives in the flesh-and-blood Nepal

In Nepal, lack of information is a significant and everyday hurdle for the average citizen. Knowledge is a fiercely guarded good in our culture. And it inevitably resides behind the high walls and locked doors of the powerful. At GalliGalli, we seek to reverse this dynamic.

By making knowledge public, we will already be tearing down the walls and unlocking the doors. Even more powerfully, we will build tools which allow citizens themselves to collect and disseminate valuable information. GalliGalli’s experiment begins in two areas, public transportation and government services.

Today, the Kathmandu metro area has an extensive public transportation network which services most of the valley. Yet, there is no publicly available map of all the available routes and the corresponding fares. GalliGalli is working with several other players, to make this critical information publicly available through an interactive web app that draws on crowdsourced data from Open Street Maps. We are also thinking up ideas to magnify the power of the web app by bringing it to the wider public, through low-tech (such as text message based updates) and no-tech (like printed maps).

Understanding how to get government services can be similarly frustrating . There are clear guidelines and procedures which civil servants follow. Yet, these processes are rarely, if ever, laid-out in full for the public. As a result, it can take numerous visits and much confusion to do something as simple as renew a driver’s license. As with public transportation, GalliGalli believes the power of the crowd can be harnessed via a wiki to explain the established procedures. (We are using MediaWiki, the open source wiki product that was evolved from Wikipedia). Knowledge, we believe, is power. And the informed citizen is an empowered one.

Through this campaign and your support we want to raise the cash to sustain our operation for four months. In these months, we will be able to build up the technology and work with GalliGalli's online and offline communites to take our tools to citizens across the country. 

Tipping Point Goal: $7,424

Total Funding Goal: $16,423

Want to help but don't have a international credit card... if you live in Nepal or India we can accept your donations in-person. Please make a pledge at


***We try to do as we say, and we say transparency is a good thing. The details of our budget can be seen at  Our expenses to date can be seen (in real time) at ***


GalliGalli is a pretty lean operation. The total goal of USD 16423 will support operations for 4 months AND our start up costs. Mission critical staff will take between 1/3 and 1/4 of their full salary for the 4 month taxi period.

In the first four months of operations, we will produce the following tangible outputs:

1. Build on the interactive public transportation webapp developed in the Monsoon Collective (, to include (i) more routes (put in OSM) (ii) a system for verifying routes (iii) a tool focused on helping toursits get to the most popular points of interest via public transport.                                       

2. A wiki that supports English and Nepali and is suited to its   task i.e. crowdsourcing info about government processes and the use of the 'Right To Information' act in Nepal.     

3. Legal incorporation.                                                  

4. A detailed business plan which helps us envision our operations in the long term.                                           

5. A super cool logo which makes you do a double take.


We will also generate the following intangibles:

1. Continued excitement and interest: We can keep our outreach and presentations going and get more people excited. It will give us time to get more media coverage as well.

2. Community Support: We can engage our community partners at a deeper level and build more symbiotic partnerships




Start Up Costs: USD $2165

Operation Costs: USD $12,304 (for 4 months)

                              - Salary & Stipends: $10212

                              - Other Op Costs: $2092


For details, see


The tipping point goal will allow us to operate with some critical staff who are willing to work at 1/5 of  their full salary for 3 months. It will allow us to get the important bits of our overall project in place. It will also allow us to focus our attention on getting further funding to run the show for the longer term.



Start Up Costs: USD $1577

Operation Costs: USD $4,804(for 3 months)

                              - Salary & Stipends: $3,142

                              - Other Op Costs: $1,663


For details, see