This Game Called Family - Let's Play

by FUSE Families With Purpose

$120 pledged of $7,280 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $7,280
Ultimate Goal: $28,900
$120 pledged of $7,280 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Using a game-like environment, families create real life adventures focused on helping others.


Our Vision

We want to see families do service for others and impact the world. In doing service, they can unify, strengthen and empower their family.

Rick and Leisa Olson

Our Project

We are creating a computer game for families that uses a game-like environment that motivates families to take on Challenges and Quests and move through various levels to achieve their goals. Quests are adventures based on helping others that they chose as a family, then do together: helping an elderly neighbour clean their yard or going to a senior's home to share time.  There will also be community quests that involve families coming together for a community wide project – such as picking up garbage in a park or helping in a food drive for the local food bank.


Challenges, both personal and family, are actions that are required to complete levels: the whole family sitting down at the table for one meal a day for 1 week, or having a weekly family meeting for 1 month.  Challenges motivate families to do the kinds of activites that unifies strengthens and empowers both themselves as individuals and the family unit.


Families earn family and community points that accumulate until they finish the level. Points earned equate to a certain dollar amount that releases sponsor-donated funds that are given both locally and throughout the world to help families. Families do not receive the money but are able to choose from several options where the funds are given.


These are some of the elements that families will find in their private family room:


The Game Family Room Elements

Each member of the family will have their own personal room.

family members private rooms

Here is some information on what happens in the game levels.

Game Levels

Our Story

For over 2 years we have being searching for a way to move this idea into reality. In the fall of 2012, Rick took a gamification course offered through the University of Pennsylvania and found an answer. Almost everyone loves games. What if we create a online game-like environment that encourages families to do real-life adventures/quests in the form of service to others?  An environment where families are encouraged through challenges to do the kind of things that strengthen families?


We could build upon a parent’s intrinsic desire to have a strong happy family and to do some good in their community - where they make a difference as a family.


As parent/family coaches, our purpose is to unify, strengthen and empower the family.­­­ The Families Helping Families concept is a way of encouraging families to incorporate meaningful activities and develop positive habits as a family. It helps them develop a vision of who they are, and what their purpose is as a family. The game provides a fun environment for families to look at the important issues of family life such as communication, values, boundaries, responsibility and how they see themselves as a family unit. As they focus on their service quests, we challenge them to them create new habits and to look at new ways of interacting as a family.


The Families Helping Families game app will be available to families either at no cost or a very low fee of $1.00. We see this project operating best through a non-profit/foundation and are currently working with a lawyer to set up a foundation.


Families CAN make a difference. But we need your help to do it.


Please check out the contribution levels and rewards to the right, and choose one the best fits you.


TAKE ACTION  Contribute now and together we can help create a different future for families all over the world.


Rick and Leisa Olson


Here are a couple of the prints drawn by Rick that we will give as rewards. 

The Loon

The Eagle

Tipping Point Goal: $7,280

Total Funding Goal: $28,900

Use of Funds      

There are three phases to this project (with a fourth phase if we go over our target amount):
Phase 1. Designing the Prototype

Working with a designer and graphic artist, we will create a prototype that we will take to the World Congress of Families. Funds raised up until the Tipping Point will be used to design the prototype.

This will be a visual representation of  how the game works and how the player moves through it - essentially the player experience.  This requires:

- User Interface               $1550

- game Design                 $1750

- front end coding            $2200

- production                      $550

- QA                                 $430

- presentation/screencast   $800

TIPPING POINT           $7,280


Phase 2. Attend the World Congress of Families Sydney Australia May 2013

At the Congress we are presenting the game prototype with people from all over the world as there will be over 60 countries represented. Our goal at the Congress will be to learn the latest trends and issues from world leaders on family concerns. This will allow us to better reflect what families really need in the game and how to keep families fully engaged. We will also be interviewing leaders on familiy issues from all over the world for the game and to understadnd how to best bring the game to their community/country. This is a very strategic event that will bring more clarity and focus for the next phase.   We are not seeking funding for this Phase... we have it covered.

Phase 3.  Create the beta version for live testing

Once we get back the real design work begins. Working with our designer and production group, this is when we pull everything together into a basic functioning beta version for community testing and feedback.

UI Design            $4100

Game Design       $4700

Back End Coding  $7100

Front End Coding  $6800

Production           $3700

QA                      $2500


Total for Campaign:  $28,900

Although our objective is to create the beta version, if we go over our funding goal we will apply that funding towards the first release of the game.

Phase 4. First Public Release

If we go over our target amount we will be able to move towards the first public release the game and then go live in selected communities. We require an additional $53,000 to complete the first public release of the game.