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$4,835 pledged of $12,000 goal
Tipping Point: $3,850
Ultimate Goal: $12,000
$4,835 pledged of $12,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Support this magical, artists' playground and make free, interactive art available to everyone.

What is FIGMENT?

FIGMENT is an outdoor, totally free, performing and visual arts festival in a public park where nothing is for sale and you can play with all the art. Entirely organized and managed by volunteers, it is a gift for each of us. A chance to create, to engage, to learn, and to play. On September 28 and 29, 2013, we seek to transform the beautiful urban park space of the North Field of Anacostia Park into a magical, family-friendly, artists' playground.

We need your help to make this dream come to life.

The first FIGMENT happened on Governor's Island in New York City the summer of 2007. Since then it has expanded to 11 cities around the world, with each effort supported by a grassroots, local team. On September 29, 2012, FIGMENT expanded to Washington, where we welcomed approximately 1,000 participants and over 100 artists to Yards Park. The pictures you see on this page are all from that magical day.

FIGMENT is guided by 11 Principles, among them Inclusion, Self-Expression, Communal Effort, and Gratitude.  To learn more about the 11 Principles, check out our website here.

Large Trike - FIGMENT DC



FIGMENT helps to provide opportunities for emerging artists in communities around the world, makes art accessible to the community, and provides an alternative to the branding and commercialism that has come to define so much of society. It encourages participation instead of passive spectatorship and helps build community among urban residents. FIGMENT exists to share imagination and invention between artists and the public. Every day, we strive to help strengthen the bonds of the community around us.  You can learn more about the impetus behind FIGMENT here.


What to Expect at FIGMENT

Imagine that your dreams come to life. Imagine a world full of color, music, dancing, painting, laughing, and smiling. FIGMENT is what participants make of it. In 2012, artists brought a bus full of costumes to share, a Soul Wash, a trebuchet that shot stuffed animals into the air, a giant trike, and a carnival game. Artists brought countless interactive projects such as a write-your-own-story book, a personal puppet show, foil art, a field of painted plates, and a beautiful LOVE sculpture. There were colorful wigs, tutus, and hooping parties, and everywhere you looked, people were having fun.

But it can't happen without YOU. 

Void Simalacrum at FIGMENT DC

Our Campaign 

While the event, FIGMENT DC, is free to the public, we anticipate that we will need between $10k and $12k to cover the infrastructure costs associated with the festival. Please see below for our estimated budget.

We know that it sounds boring to donate money for the infrastructure of an arts festival. After all, as a team, we're not actually providing any of the art! However, what we do is provide the space in which this magic can happen. Permits, security, and equipment rental cost money. Since we do not charge artists any money to participate in FIGMENT, nor do we accept any corporate sponsorship, we are reaching out to you, or awesome community of supporters, to help bring FIGMENT back to Washington. 

With the funds raised to reach the Tipping Point, we intend to cover the base costs associated with the park, including National Park Service staff and security, and the incredibly important (and possibly decorated!) portajohn rental.

We are asking you to help us confirm that we have the community support we need to move forward with this effort. If you believe in FIGMENT and the postive impact that such an event can have on the community, please support us. Moreover, please spread the word about FIGMENT to your friends and family. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate!



Hooping at FIGMENT DC

Tipping Point Goal: $3,850

Total Funding Goal: $12,000

FIGMENT DC does not accept any corporate sponsorship, does not sell tickets, and does not charge artists to participate. Moreover, since FIGMENT Project is registered in New York, we are unable to obtain funding from local organizations like the DC Arts Commission for this particular event.


While, as a team, we would love to be able to front the cash to help make FIGMENT happen, we just can't quite string together that money on our own.


But with your help, we can make this happen! Will you please make a tax-deductable donation today?

Tipping Point.  All of the money raised through this campaign and our fundraising efforts throughout the year will be used to cover infrastructure and event expenses associated with FIGMENT DC, 2013.  We've set our Tipping Point goal at $3850, which we intend to use to cover the estimated expenses of the National Park Service staff and required overnight security ($2650) and the very exciting and essential portajohns ($1200).

Our Estimated Budget.

National Park Service staff and security ($2650)

Insurance ($1000)

Permit Fees ($250)

Portajohn Rentals ($1200) ***For a certain donation, we'll decorate one for you.  For a higher donation, we'll get you your very own throne to use for the weekend!

Equipment Rentals of tents, stage and equipment rentals, including speakers, microphones, radios, and generators ($3500)

Volunteer t-shirts ($450)

U-Haul Truck Rental for storage and weekend-of delivery and pick-up trips around DC ($450)

Printing - Business cards, stickers, postcards, maps, and event event-specific documents such as signs,photography waivers and volunteer information forms ($600)

Transportation to-and-from the metro for FIGMENT DC participants ($700)

Gas for generators and truck rentals ($100)

Bike parking ($400)

General Supplies ($200)


All budgets are estimates, and we do our best to spend money only where we deem it 100% necessary. Our budget will evolve over the year as we learn about different art projects, infrastructure requirements, and staffing needs, such as on-site National Park Service staff. If at any time you have questions about our efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us at 


Superhero Love at FIGMENT DC

Still curious?  Here are some questions we thought we'd address right away.

When and where is FIGMENT DC 2013?

FIGMENT DC will be a daytime event held during the last weekend of September, the 28-29th. It will be held at the North Field of Anacostia Park. You can see the space on Google Maps here

Do you provide funding for the artists?

FIGMENT is a community-based event organized and run by volunteers. Its success depends on community participation. FIGMENT does NOT provide funding for the production, transportation, or insurance of works to, at, or from the site. FIGMENT encourages artists to apply for outside grants and raise funds for projects within your personal capacity. Please note that no corporate sponsorship (including logos and credit lines) is permitted at the event. In addition, nothing may be sold at FIGMENT.

Why don't you sell tickets or obtain corporate sponsorship for FIGMENT?

FIGMENT is an entirely free and non-commercial event in which everyone volunteers their time and effort to participate… the organizers, the artists, and the participants. Interactions between people are not mediated by commercial transactions of any kind. There is no advertising, nothing for sale, and no one insisting that you have to give a donation to participate.

How do I donate?

We're so excited you asked!  You can make a tax deductable donation by clicking on the button to the right that says, "Support Now!" If you have not registered yet on, you'll be asked to sign up. Registration is quick and will help StartSomeGood build their network and share awesome projects like this one to people around the world. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you will be able to register with just your credit card info in order to donate. No need to verify your bank account.

If you have any questions at all about our plans or run into diffiulty donating, please don't hestiate to contact us at We will be happy to help you!


Additional Information:


FIGMENT DC Facebook page


A fundraiser at Zeba will be on April, 18th. Please join our mailing list here to receive additional updates about upcoming events.


More Fun Videos about FIGMENT:

What Are You Bringing?  From FIGMENT NYC 2009

What Is FIGMENT?  Video from 2011

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Flickr handle: Kimsworldofart

Flickr handle: Man on the Street DC


Child Drawing at FIGMENT DC