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by Enterprise Network for Young Australians

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Tipping Point: $12,000
Ultimate Goal: $38,000
$12,265 pledged of $38,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

23 Young Entrepreneurs need your help to represent Australia at the G2O Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit in Moscow

WHO ARE WE -  23 girls and guys aged 18-40yrs, who have been selected to represent Australia in Moscow at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' (G20 YEA) Summit, June 15-17th, 2013.
WE ARE SO excited to have been chosen. This is an amazing opportunity to represent our country and mix with some of the world's best young entrepreneurs from the 20 most powerful economies.

As young Aussie entrepreneurs we want to help build a better future for our country.

We want to help drive best possible conditions for entrepreneurial activity given it is the leading source of job and wealth creation, innovation and social and economic development.
By attending the G20 YEA Summit we have a chance to influence policy and agenda when the G20 Summit Leaders meet in September 2013.
We have the chance to make a difference.
Of the 23 delegates going to Moscow, ten of us are early stage start ups with tight budgets and in urgent need of support to get there.
The funds raised here will help us cover the essentials like flights, accomodation and registration fees.

We have a number of rewards to suit your budget so please take a look (over to the right) and see how you can help us get to Moscow.

We would love to send you a postcard, tweet or give you a shout out on facebook.

If you're in Sydney, don't miss your chance to join us before we leave at a Russian themed celebration.

On Thursday 30th May Romances Restaurant, Kingsford will be helping us throw the best Aussie-Russian party of all time. Join us for an exquisite authetic banquet and traditional entertainment as Natasha sings Russian hits as well as chart topping hits alongside her band of musicians and dancers. For a few extra dollars make getting to or from the event easy with an Uber.

So what are you waiting for? We need your support to get to Moscow - thankyou.

Russian Feast & Entertainment Reward, Thursday 30th May

The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA)

In 2014 the G20YEA Summit arrives in Australia, and Sydney is one of the world's fastest growing start-up communities. This will shine the spotlight of global entreprepreneurship firmly on Australia!

About the Australian Delegation: From pre-revenue to well-established, east coast to west coast, the Australian delegation attending this year's Summit represent the diversity of the Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem. The members represent the grass-root job creators and economic stimulators, they are providing a platform in which the country can prosper past the mining boom. We have social enterprises like the amazing "School for Life foundation" and "Impact Leaders", large award winning businesses like "Job Capital", Tom Dawkins who founded Start Some Good, Incubators like BlueChilli and Polleniser, and a company transforming the financial planning industry "Wealth Enhancers"

Australian Delegation 2012 after audience with Mexican President Calderone

Countries G20 YEA represents: Country members include: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, the Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UK, the USA, South Africa and Argentina. The European Union is also represented in the G20 YEA.

For more information on the G20 YEA visit http://www.g20yea.com/

Tipping Point Goal: $12,000

Total Funding Goal: $38,000

Australian Delegation 2012 with Katrina Cooper, Australian Ambassador to Mexico

The members are self-funding their attendance to assist with the creation & shaping of global policy focused on enhancing global entrepreneurial ecosystems from across the globe.

Our 10 younger 'Startup' organisations will be distributed the money raised pro-rata. So if we raise $15k then they will each receive $1,500 towards the trip, leaving them with another $3k or so to fund from their own pockets. They are all extremely passionate about attending, however starting a business is expensive and very time consuming, so we need your help!

The delegation has put their hand up to represent you! Australia, and the future of Australian business. If you are employed, then that company was started by an entrepreneur at some point. Without entrepreneurship new companies can not be born to replace the old.

If you are starting a business, then our delegation is going in to bat for you with Government, to make your work life better.

100% of the funds will be treated as a contribution to funding flights, accomodation, registration fees and working expenses for the Delegation.

Note on the Russian themed event: This will be held on 30th May at an inner Sydney venue. It will start around 6pm and conclude around 11pm. If you purchase the $129 reward level, the Uber vouchers will cover transport one way up to $50. For more information please email info@enya.org.au