EcoRise Youth Innovations

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Help Students Design Sustainable Solutions To Today’s Environmental Challenges

The Future We Are Creating

EcoRise Youth Innovations partners with high school teachers to infuse sustainability education into the school’s daily curriculum, aligning our lessons to support STEM (science & technology) subjects. With an emphasis on green design innovation, our program introduces students to current environmental challenges in a number of areas, including water, energy, transportation, food, and waste. 

How We Are Creating It

With the guidance of local design mentors and a curriculum inspired by present-day thought-leaders, students are then encouraged to create their own solutions to a specific sustainability challenge. These hands-on projects have resulted in green campus improvements, original green inventions, and Master Sustainability Action Plans for schools and building prototypes.

Our Story & Why You Should Support Us

Over the past three years, EcoRise has had an incredible impact on the lives of over 500 students in six schools in Austin. As a result, we are facing more demand than we can keep up with.  The only way we can reach more youth in more schools is to formalize and package our curriculum and train more teachers so they have the capacity to implement our unique program in their own classrooms.  Your support is crucial so that we may double the number of schools we serve this fall.