Inspiring Pet Adoption through Comedy

by Dog Treats and Jingle Toys

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$4,545 pledged of $4,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Help us launch a comedy webseries that showcases adoptable pets, encourages fostering, adopting and volunteering at local shelters. We'll provide plenty of laughs!!

We are working with Los Angeles Animal Services, an amazing facility with a wonderful staff of dedicated individuals working tirelessly to find homes for unwanted pets.

Dog Treats & Jingle Toys is a Los Angeles based single cam series which will air on YouTube. Most episodes have two locations: LA Animal Services and an apartment. On average, episodes will come in at around 5 minutes, including the final shot which will display the episode's guest starring adoptable pet with two of our human actors.  During this ten second segment the actors will give the pets information and encourage viewers to look into adopting, fostering and volunteering at their local shelter.

This quirky comedy will follow pet parent Madison Christy, her furry sidekick Jake and their friends, as they attempt to get a handle on their love lives and careers.

In addition to the series itself, we will use our webpage, which will soon be up and running, to showcase a shelter or rescue outside of California weekly, as well as keep viewers up to date on new pet recipes, health and wellness information.

We don't want to give any of the shows secrets away or toot our own horn about how funny the show is, so all we're going to tell you for now is this: Dog Treats and Jingle Toys first episode opens with Madison dressed as a Sheriff and Jake as an outlaw with the fastest bark in the Ol' West at Los Angeles Animal Services and it's not Halloween....


Tipping Point Goal: $3,000

Total Funding Goal: $4,000

We'll be working with the adoptable pets at Los Angeles Animal Services. They're generously letting us use their facility in hope that this series will help place the pets staying with them in their "furever home" and that by airing the series on YouTube we'll be able to raise awareness far past the confines of Los Angeles. If you're interested in more information about adopting, fostering and/or volunteering check them out.

The Dog Treats and Jingle Toys Team consists of Animal Lovers. We all have pets and are dedicated to helping the homeless find their “furever homes”. For me, I can’t imagine my life without my adopted pets. We’ve grown together, moved to California together and they truly are my best friends and confidants.  One of my favorite moments of each day is the two of them running to the door when I get home.

On top of being an animal lover, I’m a MFA Screenwriting student at New York Film Academy located in Universal City, just three months shy of graduation. I’ve found a way to use my writing ability to showcase adoptable pets in a positive way and am so excited about it I can hardly contain myself.

Unfortunately, we lack the financial capacity to pull this project off without help from generous donors. We need to take out insurance, obtain City of Los Angeles and Burbank permits, rent equipment (this is where it gets really expensive) and feed our pet and human cast and crew.

When we reach our tipping goal, we'll be able to cover all permits, insurance for shooting and cover our equipment rental for our set filming dates. When we reach our Total Funding Goal, we'll be able to cover food for the cast and crew for the first twelve episodes, which we'll shoot in eight twelve hour days at approximately $10.00 per person for lunch and dinner.

You can find us on Facebook here!

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