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Ultimate Goal: $10,000
$3,330 pledged of $10,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Dash is a smart-phone application that organizes and tracks parent-teacher communication, helping teachers make frequent and well-informed calls.


As teachers, we feel the frustration of teaching over 100 students a day with very little time to communicate regularly with each of their parents.   Yet, this challenge needs to be overcome because parent contact is essential to student performance—in fact, positive teacher support and high parent involvement can increase a student’s GPA by 2 whole points (i.e., 2.0 to 4.0). 

Dash responds to this challenge by reinventing Client Relationship Management for education—the result is a data-conscious Parent Relationship Management system. Specifically, it is an smartphone application that serves as a to-do list linked with parent phone numbers.  This means that no more time is wasted making calls on one device and tracking on another.  In a world of Dash, creating a daily speed dial to keep up with families is easy, making positive calls home is irresistible, and getting a birds-eye view of a teacher's parent contact habits requires only the click of a button.  

Dash allows teachers to make more frequent, well-informed, and meaningful calls to parents. We believe it will ultimately revolutionize the future of parent-teacher communications.



A team of three teachers, three technology experts, and specialists in marketing and finance are preparing for our initial launch at the end of April.  Not only are we using our own creative insights to make an intuitive app, but we are demoing the app to schools and teachers and allowing techers to test the app.  We are taking their feedback to make the app as simple and useful as possible. 

After our initial launch, we will then go back to the drawing board and get the app ready for next school year, when teachers around the country will have access to their own mobile Parent Relationship Management system and will immediately being to affect millions of students. 


Why It Matters

Our industry analysis shows that between 750,000 and 1 million teachers in the United States have an iPhone, and about 7 to 8 million students in the US have a teacher with an iPhone (later to increase when we expand into the Android marketplace).   With your help, we can immediately begin making a difference in the lives of millions of students across our country.  And if those numbers aren’t big enough for you, we are concurrently making Dash available as a web platform, that is accessible to all 8 million teachers and 60 million students in the United States.   The potential is tremendous, and we have the momentum, a passionate team and a working prototype. Donate to Dash so we can make that potential a reality.

Tipping Point Goal: $3,000

Total Funding Goal: $10,000

We need to reach our tipping point to be able to initially launch our app in the App Store.  If we reach our tipping point, we will be using the $3,000 as follows:

-Tech stuff: we need $1,000 for the tech side of things (hosting, domain registration, security certification, and an app store developer membership)

-Legal stuff: we need $2,000 for the legal side of things (becoming incorporated - required to sell products on the app store, ensuring we comply with privacy law, and providing contracts for all our team members)

We need the remaining $7,000 for the following:

-More tech stuff: it’s expensive to host all our data and the $1,000 above includes only about 3 months worth of hosting costs; we need more funding to host Dash until we’re a revenue-positive startup (probably 6 - 8 months down the road)

-More legal stuff: we want to file for IP protection on Dash and want to be able to sell Dash legally everywhere we go which means registering as a vendor and accounting for stuff the way Uncle Sam likes it

-Marketing stuff: we will need promotional materials to raise awareness about Dash!