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$15,025 pledged of $45,000 goal
Tipping Point: $15,000
Ultimate Goal: $45,000
$15,025 pledged of $45,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Vastly improve Bangladesh's tourism potential and showing that it could be used to create jobs and fight poverty!

The last two years we've spent mastering open source technology has taught us the value of open source and crowdsourced travel intelligence.

As we return to Bangladesh update our guide, we want to scale up our ability to spread the tourism potential about South Asia's friendliest country:

1) Create 'Positive Light' - a crowdsourced photography book that will bring together the best images from Bangladesh into one web presence. Produce a coffee table-style photography book for the world to see. Publish a companion website that will collect photos for the book (DONE! See link).

2) Donate our multimedia resources on Bangladesh's main tourism destinations to Wikitravel, for updating and use by the entire open source travel community. We will not be re-publishing the Bradt guide on Wikitravel. Instead we will help curate the information that is already there and feature all of our latest discoveries, especially in Dhaka.    

3) Bring together existing tools of open source web and mobile applications that will vastly improve the travel information and knowledge available to travellers in Bangladesh and the tourism industry.  

4) Promote the country's best and brightest tour and ecotour operators within these platforms, especially those who work to preserve the country's precious natural resources and ethnic cultures, or who actively promote social welfare in their tourism.

5) Create a mini documentary of this effort that will span the next six months, starting in September 2011. 


Check out this video of our Travel Photo Exhibition launch event:

Tipping Point Goal: $15,000

Total Funding Goal: $45,000


$45,000 - total goal funding goal

- $15,000 - fixed costs for rewards (printing costs only)
- $8,500 - photographic sourcing, image editing and photobook design
- $7,000 - web development costs (strategy, design and implementation of CST website)
- $7,000 - content management of text, photos, videos to open source promotional platforms which then becomes available to everybody (Wikitravel, Bangladesh Crowdsourced Travel website, Flickr and Vimeo)
- $1,500 - outsourced web development costs (database and complex programming requirements)
- $3,000 - create a web documentary series compiling the result of this effort (VFX, editing, colouring)  
- $3,000 - crowdfunding and Paypal fees 

Use of funds description:

Of the $45,000 to be raised, approximately $15,000 will be spent on the rewards themselves (postcard printing, guidebook purchases and photo book printing). In the case that only the tipping point is reached, these printing costs are approximately $5,500. 

Photo Book
Labour costs to produce the photobook are approximately $7,500 for sourcing the photographs, editing the images for production and design of the book itself. A further $1,000 budget is specified to promote a Dhaka launch event to be held February 2012. Of the $15,000 specified for the photobook, half of its cost is on printing and shipping.  

Online - Web Development and Content Management
$15,500 will be spent on producing the Bangladesh Crowdsourced Travel website and putting its multimedia resources online at and Wikitravel.

Of this $15,500, $7,000 will be spent on the content management time needed to push content out to Wikitravel and the Bangladesh Crowdsourced Travel website. This means preparing and editing photos, videos and text so that they sit properly on the open source platforms available to everyone and then attaching the proper licensing to that content. 

The other $7,000 will be spent on web development costs -- this includes customising a Wordpress-based web platform to both collect travel photography for the book and present this platform to tour operators and travellers. There will be an outsourced programming budget of approximately $1,500 for general coding tasks not available using current open source toolsets.

If $38,000 is reached these initiatives will go ahead for the entire country. Otherwise we will scale down the amount of content to be published online and focus on Bangladesh's most essential travel destinations. 

Web Documentary
The final $8,000 funds would be put towards creating a web documentary of this effort, allowing us to showcase the concept of sustainable tourism to the world. We will be filming everything we can while in Bangladesh. The remaining funds, if acquired, will be used to edit this footage into a web series on the value of sustainable tourism in Bangladesh. 

Please Note: 
None of this money is going to be spent on travel and equipment costs -- these include things like transport to/from and within Bangladesh, plus the computers, cameras and microphones needed to film, produce and create the social media required to feed this project. We are also organising the update of our Bangladesh travel guidebook at the same time, which is being paid for using our own funding sources.