c2c Design2Done Incubator Campaign

by corners2cornerstones Social Enterprise Incubator

$6,380 pledged of $10,000 goal
Tipping Point: $5,000
Ultimate Goal: $10,000
$6,380 pledged of $10,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

A incubator space for social enterprises owned and operated by formerly incarcerated men and women.

c2c Incubator Space BEFOREc2c Incubator Space BEFORE

Future Home of c2c Social Enterprise Incubator--BEFORE


corners2cornerstones is a for-profit social enterprise that has a serious design challenge. We are launching an unprecedented effort to design and build a flexible use office space/classroom to house a social enterprise start-up incubator in 500 sq feet of well used artists studio in a former knitting mill in Brooklyn.

c2c is for profit for a reason. We believe that to mentor we must lead by example and demonstrate that for-profit enterprises have a social responsiblity to pay-it-forward. During the two year program, there is no cost to our incubator companies. c2c is funded through sponsorhip and business entrepreneurship grants.


The c2c Social Enterprise Incubator will support start-up social enterprises owned and run by formerly incarcerated men and women who have turned their lives around and applied their “street smarts” to the design and development of viable business concepts. 

The c2c Incubator will support these social enterprises with flex-time office space, conference facilities, classes, mentoring, funding opportunity, and a collaborative work environment that encourages idea sharing, spawns innovation, and assists these social entrepreneurs with developing sustainable and meaningful work despite the challenges that their backgrounds present. 

As the c2c social entrepreneurs leave the incubator space to run their companies, they will pay-it-forward by financially and experiencially supporting the new social start-ups that will move into the space, drawing from the many formerly incarcerated individuals re-entering society.


The response we have already received in support of the effort has been very gratifying and has allowed us to sign the lease and begin the design process. Until now the c2c Social Incubator project has been entirely supported by an all-volunteer effort. To move forward and meet our move-in goal of October 2012 we need to find the funds to conquer the design & build challenge of making 500 sq feet of well used artist’s space into a flexible, functional, professional, and hip space to service up to 8 start-ups. A tall order but one we know we can meet with your support. 

Tipping Point Goal: $5,000

Total Funding Goal: $10,000


If c2c is successful in reaching our tipping point of $5000 we will be able to apply it toward the general renovation and outfitting of the space including:

1. Materials to gut and build out space (Kitchen/Workspace) $2500

2. Paint to cover the walls/floor/ceiling $250

3. Flexible Use Work Surfaces/Tables and chairs $1250

4. Basic office equipment/supplies (printer-fax-copier/internet connectivity/coffee pot/ microwave) $1000

If c2c is successful in reaching our total goal of $10,000 we will be able to finish the space off for optimal innovative thinking, collaboration including:

5. Dual purpose waiting/CoLAB area (casual seating for collaboration/brainstorming for our incubator companies and providing clients/customers with an hospitable place to hang out when they visit) $1250

6. Daylight lighting for long working nights $1000

7. Presentation/classroom equipment (white board, lcd projector, retractible screen, podium) $1500

8. Window Treatments for our large windows-sun filtering $750

9. Conference table and chairs $500