CommuniToy - Help us 'make' the future

by Exploring Senses

£18 pledged of £2,500 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: £2,500
Ultimate Goal: £5,000
£18 pledged of £2,500 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Help us reduce landfill waste and provide FREE Toy Hacking workshops to 1000s of people across Brighton & Hove.

What is CommuniToy?

Have you ever watched Toy Story and thought Sid, the boy next doors mutant toy creations were kinda cool? If so you are going to love CommuniToy, which involves the reuse of toys destined for landfill to make new exciting hybrid creations in FREE mass participation workshops. 



How does CommuniToy work?


Exploring Senses works in partnership with Emmaus Brighton and Hove trading skills for resources. We provide a free weekly art group and fund raising activities. in exchange Emmaus provide toys destined for landfill to be reused in CommuniToy workshops. Last year in the UK over 40 million toys were thrown away, and over 13 million ended up in landfill. Emmaus Communities offer ex-homeless people a home, work, and a chance to rebuild their lives. Their are 24 Emmaus communities within the Uk and many more in development, all could become CommuniToy hubs! CommuniToy events work indoors and outdoors, in schools, libraries, museums, art galleries, offices, and in public spaces. Highlights have included London’s Southbank Centre and House of Commons. The Big Bang Science Fair at London Excel, which attracted 600+ participants in one day.

Who benefits from CommuniToy?


Over 5,000 people have participated during over 30 FREE CommuniToy Toy Hacking workshops. The activity is very addictive, many participants have attended multiple events, and return bringing family, friends, and toys to hack! 

Toy Hack personality

You often see a persons personality shine through in their unique Toy Hack creations! CommuniToy brings people together, and encourages people to make, play, develop and learn new skills. Participants will discover how to reuse materials, share skills and resources, become more sustainable and innovative. Participants become empowered through their ability to make and do. Such skills are transferable and will help people become active citizens, and live more fullfilling happier lives.


Who are Exploring Senses?


In 2011 David Allistone and Hannah Coxeter formed Exploring Senses CIC, a non-profit arts organisation. Both artists graduated from the University of Brighton's 'Craft and Design' degree course, and are skilled makers specialising in wood, metal, ceramics, plastics, mixed media, and digital technologies.

We work in partnership with many charities, community groups, schools, local government, arts and culture organisations, museums, and enjoy helping people. We believe happy people make positive actions! 

Exploring Senses also provide other fun inspiring activities such as ‘Robot Relays’ - build and decorate cardboard robot outfits, then play ridiculous jousting games......this game is totally hilarious, and suitable for all ages. Exploring Senses are developing a exciting educational program of activities, which will encourage people to engage in real life experiences and empower people of all ages to enjoy making, playing, learning, participating, and sharing.

Tipping Point Goal: £2,500

Total Funding Goal: £5,000

Once we have reached the £3000 tipping point, Exploring Senses will be able to provide six FREE CommuniToy Toy hacking workshops to schools located in Brighton and Hove. We will also be able to install 2 x Custom made CommuniToy Toy Collection bins in schools prior to the Toy Hacking events. Exploring Senses will also have the funds to promote and publicise these activities to help raise awareness across the City and to enable us to register more future volunteer support for CommuniToy events. We hope this will allow Exploring Senses to set up more CommuniToy Hubs across Brighton and Hove, and for us to access match funding for future CommuniToy projects


If the CommuniToy campaign reaches beyond the tipping point and hits our goal, Exploring Senses will be able to obtain larger match funding for future projects, and help us develop a sustainable platform for CommuniToy, which can become open sourced. The funds will also allow Exploring Senses to launch its national CommuniToy Emmaus campaign, as there are 24 Emmaus Communities within the UK, and all are potential CommuniToy Hubs.


We hope you share our dream and help us make CommuniToy happen!!: )


Many thanks,


David and Hannah


and all the Exploring Senses CommuniToy Crew