Save the Lives of Mothers and Infants in Laos

by CleanBirth

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Tipping Point: $1,650
Ultimate Goal: $4,980
$3,095 pledged of $4,980 goal
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Campaign Overview

Providing the birthing supplies and educational funds needed to save the lives of 1,000 mothers and 1,000 babies.


Sad Tahoy Boys Laos

Project Description:

We believe that women and infants should not die because they lack medical care, birthing supplies and education.

Yet, a mother dies every minute from pregnancy and birth related complications: 99% in the developing world, 90% preventable. seeks to prevent these deaths in Laos, where the maternal and infant mortality rates are among the highest in the world.  In the villages where we work, women and babies die at even higher rates, due in part to their practice of birthing alone in the jungle.

Inside Tahoy Home Laos

In partnership with Our Village Association (OVA), a Lao non-profit, trains village nurses in the use and distribution of AYZH Clean Birth Kits (birthing supplies which prevent infection). Further, we fund nurses’ trips to remote villages to distribute the kits and conduct “Safe Birth Outreach," a curriculum aimed at making birth safer.

Tahoy Nurses Training Laos has trained four district nurses in Tahoy District, Salavan Province, Laos. Now, for the period April-December 2013, these nurses need 1,000 birth kits and funding for distribution and “Safe Birth Outreach."

Our goal is to enable these nurses to protect the women and babies they care for, by giving them supplies and educational funds necessary to make birth safer.

Tahoy Nurses in Clinic Laos History

Following a MA from Yale, Kristyn Zalota focused on projects that empower women in the developing world.  From 2008-2011, she worked with Burmese, Cambodian and Ugandan women and saw that prenatal and postnatal care was largely unavailable. While researching the issue, she discovered the effectiveness of Clean Birth Kits and Laos' tragically high rates of maternal and infant mortality.  She partnered in 2012 with Lao non-profit Our Village Association (OVA) to bring Clean Birth Kits and education to southern Laos.


Kristyn and Kids


In addition to partnering with experts in Laos, Kristyn has sought out committed Board Members.  Max Zalota, Treasurer, holds an MBA from Oxford University and has extensive business experience. With over a decade of experience in corporate communications, Jenny Fourace formulates’s public relations strategy. Shannon Lawton-O'Boyle, doula and Lamaze childbirth educator, promotes’s innovative baby shower products.

Further, has attracted a vibrant group of volunteers. In the US: Ariana Thibodeau heads up media production; Marla Katz is a teen-fundraising dynamo; Karen Helburn of Just Hatched advises on baby shower products. In Laos’ capital Vientiane, Kelly Phoninsan, Imogen Matthews and Kelley Gary Khamphouxay help fundraise; Valerie Baumal of Anakijo Designs generously donates a portion of her sales.

Tipping Point Goal: $1,650

Total Funding Goal: $4,980

Use of Funds:

If we reach our tipping point, of $1,650 we will be able to provide nurses in Tahoy villages with a 3 months supply/330 birthing kits ($990) and enough funding for local nurses to distribute and conduct Safe Birth Outreach in remote villages ($660).


Clean Birth Kit Laos

Clean Birth Kit - Laos

If we reach our total fundraising goal of $4,980 we will be able to provide nurses in Tahoy villages with 9 months supply/1000 birthing kits ($3,000) and enough funding for local nurses to distribute and conduct Safe Birth Outreach in remote villages ($1,980).


Tahoy Village Laos

Reward  Details:

Those who donate at least $500 will receive a handmade silk scarf from Laos.  As our team will not be returning to Laos until July, we want you to know that your silk scarf will not be available until the summer. However, we will be in touch this Spring about your color options.