Changing Lives Through Coffee

by Cafe de Kuna

$30,199 pledged of $30,000 goal
Tipping Point: $15,000
Ultimate Goal: $30,000
$30,199 pledged of $30,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Help us create a sustainable and “financially free” future for the Wacuco Kuna community in rural Panamá.


We are empowering the Wacuco Kuna community in the Darién Region of Panamá to invest in and enrich their coffee business. By providing the tools and resources needed to increase coffee production, we can change the future.

We are committed to creating a sustainable future for the community and its families; a place where there is no worry about the scarcity of clean running water, a place where electricity is prominent and education is thriving.

Our initiative, Café de Kuna, will provide the community with education workshops on best practices concerning coffee, organics, and sustainability. We can also provide the materials and instruction needed to build a communal greenhouse for the coffee farmers.


Even in the absence of the simplest luxuries of life, the community strives to live full and happy lives. You can see it in their smiles, and the way they talk about their families and community with pride.

But they deserve more. They deserve a path out of poverty; and coffee, is that path. With access to the resources and knowledege needed to improve their coffee production, we can help them achieve financial freedom and a sustainable future.

Tipping Point Goal: $15,000

Total Funding Goal: $30,000

Funds donated through Start Some Good will provide the Wacuco Kuna community with the resources needed to create a better and brighter future.

Tipping Point Goal: $15,000

Education is extremely important to the community and its members. If our tipping point goal of $15,000 is reached, we can successfully provide Wacuco Kuna with an expert who understands their environment, lifestyles and organic coffee growing practices.

This expert will conduct a series of workshops and assessments aimed to increase production and yield. We believe this aspect of our initiative will DOUBLE the members' coffee production in the coming season.

Ultimate Goal: $30,000

In an environment where space is limited and rainfall is prominent, Wacuco Kuna needs a structure to grow coffee seeds into seedlings with a protection against rotting and malformation. If our ultimate goal of $30,000 is reached, we will not only be able to provide the community with knowledge, but also a greenhouse. One that will provide the necessary cover, sunlight, dry-ness and space to limit plant defects.

Your donation to Café de Kuna will provide the community with two crucial elements: to create a brighter and more sustainable future. A combination that can nearly TRIPLE the community's coffee production.


We have an incredible opportunity to change lives.  To help a strong and resilient community achieve its dreams. To provide a child with the opportunity to pursue a college education. To give Wacuco Kuna a chance. A chance out of poverty. A chance to thrive.

We, together, can help. Join us, to change lives through coffee.

"You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you." - John Bunyan

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