Social Impact Through Advanced Time Banking


$160 pledged of $4,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $4,000
Ultimate Goal: $16,000
$160 pledged of $4,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Help us develop our first online version of our SOCIAL MARKET NETWORK


BancoH is a portal, which allows private consumers, businesses and NGO's to connect with one another as well as offer and consume services and goods using a time bank concept.

Time is the currency, not money.

Time banking is not a new idea. With BancoH, however, we will bring it to another level and make it possible for businesses to work together all over the world. We will give businesses and private consumers the opportuniy to sponsor NGO's, communities and interest groups with purchased or earned time.

Why BancoH is interesting for NGOs, Communities and other kinds of Social Organisations and Projects ?

- Great Social Network tools to connect and communicate with Team, Voluntarism, Sponsors and Partners

- Find and Hire Services and pay with hours

- Getting Sponsored with hours from Businesses and Privates

- Find new Sponsors, SpendersChance to get a part of the pool of net margin

- Build local communities, get visible globally

- Crowdfunding Tools for Projects. Peoples and Businesses can sponsor specific projects from a NGO or community with hours 

- "Spend to" Button on the NGO profile: other users can spend a hour from they account

- We allow Services to pay/earn a minor part in money. From the money part 5% goes always to the Pool for NGO money sponsoring (user can say, he give more then the 5% minimum)

The goal of our campaign is raise enough funding that we can create our Alpha Version online.

The Alpha Phase of BancoH will be open to invited parties only, which, of course, include all our "supporters" here.  

If the video presentation is to quick, please have a look at the slides here:



And have a look on our webpage and social media to get more infos:


Tipping Point Goal: $4,000

Total Funding Goal: $16,000

The majority of all planning, marketing, and programming will be done by our team. When we reach our Tipping Point Goal, we will be able to pay for the necessary hardware, hosting, software, and design and programming specialists to help us launch the Alpha version of our website.

Hosting for alpha phase, 6 months.  Approx. 1000 USD
Software Licenses for Design.  Approx. 1000 USD
Programing Outsourcing (parts). Approx 2000 USD

When we reach the Total Funding Goal, we'll be able to fund the development into the next phase of the website. This will include development of special profile handling for NGO's, Communities and Integration API, advanced hosting, Social Media Campaign and much more. 

The Beta will be open to select members of the public, including contacts invited by our Alpha Users, partner organisations and you, of course.