Balls of Steel

by Balls of Steel

$380 pledged of $4,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $4,000
Ultimate Goal: $10,000
$380 pledged of $4,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Balls of Steel are drink coolers with a cause, they chill your favorite beverage while supporting testicular cancer research and community building.

We are createing the BOS support community for testicular cancer survivors, patients and non- patients alike. As we believe the emotional battle of cancer is the hardest part. The BOS community will provide a positive image and create an uplifting spirit for those suffering from the Cancer directly, as well those suffering from it indirectly (such as family and friends). As well as creating the BOS community, Bos profits will also directly go towards funding Testicular Cancer Research.

To help aid us in spreading awareness of the BOS community and events we have developed a product: Balls of Steel. which are Stainless-Steel, specially manufactured balls that act as drink coolers. The perks are that they do not dilute the beverage (whiskey, Scotch, Juice, etc...) the way ice does, and they bring your beverage to the perfect, lasting chill much faster than ice does.

Along with the Stainless Steel balls comes our "Support BOS Cause" wristband, and a velvet sack to carry the balls in. This sack provides a way to throw the steel balls in the freezer. Along with the drink coolers, we are also selling a variety of BOS T-shirts and additional wristbands. A percentage of all sales from Balls of Steel goes towards funding the BOS community,as well as will go directly towards Testicular Cancer Research.

BOS Time Line:

June 4 - The successful BOS SSG campaign finishes! The manufacturing companies get the go ahead phone call to begin manufacturing!!

June 4 - A pre-order voucher is launched on

June 4 - All those eligible for BOS rewards will begin receiving updates and the highly anticipated rewards. 

July 18 - BOS products are manufactured and ready to hit the retail shelves. (this is when you will receive an email, telling you that your BOS product is on its way to your front door!!!)

Tipping Point Goal: $4,000

Total Funding Goal: $10,000

Funds will be distrubuted accordingly:

Pre-tipping funds:

$1,000 for the Initial manufacturing fees

$3,000 will allow us to manufacture 500 BOS products.

Post-tipping funds:

$1,000 will allow us to establish a functioning website to establish the BOS community online and other social network sites.

$1000 will go towards additional BOS products (Tshirt and wristbands).

$1500 will go towards BOS marketing and Business Development.

$2500 will go towards mobalizing the BOS community to travel and spread awareness.