Empowering Asian Leaders of Tomorrow, Today

by Asian Leadership Academy

$3,230 pledged of $5,000 goal
Tipping Point: $2,500
Ultimate Goal: $5,000
$3,230 pledged of $5,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

We want to redesign education and develop young leaders in Asia through experiential learning outside the traditional classrooms.

Help us create a life-long learning community for Thai high school and college students through an experiential “Leadership Lab” camp which emphasizes leadership skills and out-of-the-classroom learning.
Asian Leadership Academy (“ALA”) is a learning community for young leaders outside the traditional classrooms. ALA supports experiential learning (learning by doing) by providing students with opportunities to develop leadership and teamwork skills to become both effective leaders and contributing team members.
ALA is an initiative started by a group of Asian students at Stanford University. We received support from the Stanford GSB’s Center for Social Innovation to execute 2 pilot projects in September 2012; one in Thailand and another in South Korea – both with overwhelming positive feedback from local students and educational institutions.


Our Concept:

The problem with traditional education by the book is that it is passive. Performance is measured with perfection as a benchmark; those who get it right are rewarded with straight A’s and recognition for intellectual capability.

We honour and respect the classroom system. However, we believe effective learning and leadership skill development needs to go beyond classroom walls.

ALA creates a dynamic community which promotes learning by doing. We extend the concept of learning beyond the classroom walls through our three-prong framework:

1) Design Storming – Generation of ideas and brainstorming processes to unlock creativity,

2) Interpersonal Dynamics - Concepts of team dynamics to maximize team potentials from the perspectives of both a leader and a team member, and

3) Strategic Communication – Strategy on making ideas stick and conveying effective messages.

By supporting ALA’s “Leadership Lab”, you are giving Thai students an access to out-of-the-classroom learning which we believe will allow them to design their path - lead their lives.

Support Asian Leaders of Tomorrow, Today.

Tipping Point Goal: $2,500

Total Funding Goal: $5,000

ALA believes that financial capability should not limit the access to educational opportunity. Therefore, we want to make the program accessible to students at every income level. Funds will be used to finance operating costs of our 5-day leadership program in Thailand. Major operating costs include:

Venue – include rental of one big activity room and 5 small break-out rooms for 5-day activities plus one conference room for the last day presentation by students in Thailand

Food & Beverage – Lunch and light snacks for students attending the program

Other administrative cost - e.g. Transportation cost, Teaching material

Our tipping goal is the minimum amount that we need to cover major fixed costs to arrange this 5-day "Leadership Lab" camp in Thailand for 25-30 students. We might need to charge some fees to students to cover variable costs e.g. Food, beverage, and transportation, which is around $60 per student for the whole 5-day camp.

If we can reach our total funding goal, we will expand this opportunity to larger scale of students ~40-50 students. In addition, the funds raised will help lower the fee we charged to students with the aim to minimize it to zero cost.

Students of the Asian Leadership Academy