Get Healthcare into Nairobi Slums

by Access Afya

$13,781 pledged of $26,000 goal
Tipping Point: $10,000
Ultimate Goal: $26,000
$13,781 pledged of $26,000 goal
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Campaign Overview

Access Afya is creating a chain of ultra-mini-clinics that provide standardized health services for the extreme poor.

Access Afya is redefining healthcare at the community level through mini-clinics starting in Nariboi's sprawling slums. We choose sites within slums to bring care directly to the doorsteps of the people who need it the most and design our space to fit in crowded neighborhoods while at the same time preserving a clean, private health experience for patients.

In Kenya 9 out of 100 children will not live to see their fifth birthday. Wealth is a major determinate of health; the poor are less likely to access preventative and life-saving treatments, to use family planning, and to know their HIV status. This leads to unnecessary suffering and death from preventable and manageable conditions. One in four married women in Kenya does not use family planning due to lack of access or information, resulting in unsafe abortions, frequent use of emergency contraception with high hormonal content, and the spread of sexually transmitted disease. 

Slum conditions exacerbate disease, where 150 families can share a latrine, just over half of homes treat their water, and registered clinics are rare. This means many get "care" from unregulated medicine sellers with no health training selling their products out of shacks in the slums. An estimated 30% of drugs in circulation are counterfeit, expired or stolen and the majority of these are through the unregulated chemists.

We believe in a better future for the 20 million Kenyans living in poverty- one where each individual is empowered to look after his or her health.


Consultation with qualified staff

Technology is the backbone of our model. All of our records are kept on a laptop. This saves space, and puts powerful patient information in front of our consulting staff. We also use technology to get health information into the clinic, manage supplies, and communicate with our patients, and report what we are doing.

Messaging for Maternal Health


We have already reached 400 patients. There are the young men and women we have prevented from buying the wrong treatments, consulted with, and diagnosed accurate through our rapid tests. And the woman we have saved from asthma attacks that came in the early morning when she could not travel to hospitals. We counsel adults on living with HIV, and empower young women through modern family planning methods.


We are ready to expand our impact with a second high-tech mini-clinic serving another isolated and vulnerable community in Nairobi. Please support us in this goal.


** Learn more about our clinic, our patients, our team, and the donor rewards on our Blog! **

Tipping Point Goal: $10,000

Total Funding Goal: $26,000

We are raising money to open a second mini-clinic. To do this, we need money to build, stock and prepare a site, hire staff and run operations while we market services and get to our break-even point.

Breakdown of Funds:

Construction- including floors, tiling, ceiling, building external and internal walls, and adding windows and security.

.......... $2,353

Stocking- including a large initial pharmacy order, medical equipment, and consumables.

.......... $3,176

Preparing- including furniture, fittings, computer, and phone.

.......... $2,071

Mini-Clinic Operating Expenses- including salaries for three clinic staff, utilities, repairs, and restocking orders.

.......... $13,400

Marketing new site- including printing and promotional materials, throwing a launch party, community health outreach worker training kits, and a dedicated community marketing manager for one year.

.......... $5,000


This makes our Total Ask $26,000. This will take us through one year until we break-even, meaning the clinic will sustain its own costs going forward and we will not need to fundraise again to continue its operations!


With our Tipping Point of $10,000 we can start building, but will have less money for stocking, increasing our long-term costs because we can't buy in bulk, and less money for marketing. We will also have to continue to fundraise throughout the year to supplement operating costs.