Youth Job Training and Coffee for the Community

by A Cup on the Hill

$5,000 pledged of $10,000 tipping point goal
Tipping Point: $10,000
Ultimate Goal: $20,000
$5,000 pledged of $10,000 tipping point goal
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Campaign Overview

Help us bring a coffee shop like Kansas City's never seen! * Gourmet coffee * Art * Community * On-the-Job training to youth with and without disabilities

Who are we?  A Cup on the Hill is a non-profit organization designed to help youth 16-25 years old, with and without disabilities, gain access to the workforce by providing volunteerism, on-the-job training with paid employment, responsibility education, and connections to the surrounding Metro area.  Employees will go through a 6-12 month program depending on their capabilities and ambitions before job placement.  For more information on our program, please go to or email us at

How will the cafe work?  We will work with local farmers markets to get the freshest ingredients for our food, a local family owned KCK roaster for our gourmet coffee, and use several methods of brewing for our customers to choose from, including:

  - Cold slow drip

  - Espresso

  - Pressed

  - Drip

  - Ibrik or Turkish for the cultural experience of our area 

How can you help?  A Cup on the Hill has established a business plan and financial projections, held two board meetings, and has developed a flexible work training program. 

And now we need your support! If you would like to help, please look at the pledges to the right.  Find a gift package that you would like and press the "Support Now" link. You may use your Paypal account or use your credit card.  Like us on Facebook and share this page with everyone you know.  If you are in town, we will need help reupholstering chairs and moving into our space for our Spring opening.  

We will be painting a "Wall of Fame" on our walls and adding names to our website!  For each level, you will be identified as our supporter!






To thank you for your support, we are giving a wide variety of fantastic rewards to you, our donors! Please take a look at the options below. Thank you for your support!  (February delivery)

Tipping Point Goal: $10,000

Total Funding Goal: $20,000

Please look through our budget provided below.  When we reach our Tipping Point of $10,000, we'll have the funds to purchase most of the equipment, inventory, and operating expenses we need to move forward. 

PROMO PACK: This consists of a hand painted handkerchief, stickers, and a homemade thank you card.

MERCHANDISE PACKAGE: This package comes with everything seen below and a homemade thank you card. 

A Cup on the Hill Merchandise
Artists from the KC Metro area and further are showing their support!  Follow this link for more info on artists. All art is 1st come 1st serve.

PRINT PACKAGE: Choice of a print from Justin Marable, Sarah and Colin Walsh, or JT Daniels +  T-SHIRT PACK!

Dino prints by Justin Marable

Prints and buttons by Sarah and Colin Walsh

ORIGINAL ART PACKAGE: Original drawing from Doug Bell or founder, Jamina Bone + T-SHIRT PACK! 

Drawings by Doug Bell
Drawings by Jamina Bone

JEWELRY PACKAGE:  Your choice of state/country on a sterling silver chain.  Handmade for you by Bailey Marable (example below) + PROMO PACK!

Jewelry by Bailey Marable and large Portraits by Jamina Bone

DELUXE ARTIST PACKAGE: Custom large (30x30) original charcoal portrait on oil painted canvas by founder, Jamina Bone, + a button pack by Colin Walsh + a pack of signed steam punk playing cards drawn and designed by Doug Bell + MERCHANDISE PACKAGE!

ARTS AND MUSIC PACKAGE: Custom large (30x30) original charcoal portrait on oil painted canvas by founder, Jamina Bone + 2 tickets to see Ha Ha Tonka Live + a t-shirt and signed cd + MERCHANDISE PACKAGE!

Ha Ha Tonka Tickets and merch!


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